something for the hot day

by Peter Marus

All right peeps, I am back to talk about a couple things. Fist I recently saw a film that I “acquired” from a relative.  It’s called the “Boondock Saints”.  It’s not the most recent film out there, it was made in 1999, but it’s a damn good flick.  It’s about two Irish brothers from south Boston (what Irish that live in south Boston, what a shock!!!!) and they decide to become vigilantes to clean up the “sinners” from Boston.  The movie is really violent, but it’s a great action flick.  It’s got William Dafoe in it as a..well odd FBI agent, Comedian Billy Connolly as a psychotic killer hired by the mob to kill the brothers, and Ron Jeremy as a member of the mob how dies in a pretty cool way.  If you can check the film out, it's worth it.  

Come to think of it, I haven’t gone to a movie in a while.  I should go see some films, but I really hate going alone (it’s like going to a bar alone, I feel like a tool sort of).  I may have to bite the bullet and go alone one night if I can’t find anyone who wants to go with me.  I also realize that Netflix is an awesome thing.  I’m debating on getting a subscription to them, but that also means I need to get a DVD reader/writer for my computer….you do the math

I picked up a book to read today (YES I READ!!!).  I picked up “Once in a lifetime: the incredible story of the New York Cosmos” today and started reading it.  The documentary is out already in theatres but I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD.  So far the book is great and informative, especially for someone like me who has heard all the hype and crap I’ve heard about the Cosmos.  All the stories I heard about the team for the most part are covered in this book, and it also re-affirmed a lot of the attitudes I had to some of the players on the team.  I cant’ wait to see the documentary, but the book itself is a great read for those who likes non-fiction books, especially ones that revolve around sports and history, like I enjoy reading.  

I got to work early today, and I dropped into Nintendo world, which is a block away from my job.  I liked it, but it wasn’t something that really blew me away.  It’s a giant ad for Nintendo, but it also is a store for their products.  It’s cool because they have a lot of the games you really cant’ find in regular stores. My only thing is that the place really revolves around their Pokemon brand.  I understand that it’s their biggest brand, but I think they really dedicate too much to that one brand.  

Oh, if you thought it was a waste of time to read this, well I take comfort that you will NEVER get that time back…so ha ha!!!