what did I forget to write about????

by Peter Marus

Ah, I forgot to regale the story about Sat night. This is what I remember, I’m sure there are some details I forgot:

Before I get to the bar, my cousin called up to ask I meet him at his apartment and we’ll go into the city from there. I get to the apartment, hang for a bit and listened to my cousin bitch and moan about his gas. After his wife ran around with Fabreze, we get ready to go. After figuring out what the hell is going on with the trains, we catch the right one and get into Midtown Manhattan.

We get to Stout Bar, and meet up with another couple I invited. After seeing that my cousin was in a light blue polo shirt and the other dude (“S”) in a pink shirt, the gay jokes flew!! I came out with my first good smash of the couple The chick will go by “F” in this) when I realized that they are like the D’arcys in the old RV show “Married with Children” (where the chick worked, and the guy was a pretty boy and unemployed). Many laughs ensued, and many drinks were consumed. Later on in the night, we go down to the lower level of the bar and hang out on the couches and continue drinking.

We go down there and just hang, nothing really major just having fun, busting balls, and enjoying everything. I go out with my cousin, S, and F as they smoke, and F starts rambling on about something about reincarnation (where she saw the future in the past, but in the present” I think the statement was), after I realized what she meant, I jokingly said “good job stupid”. After several attempts at kicking my in the nuts, my cousin settles her down and S, her boyfriend is still laughing his ass off to what I said to his chick.

It is at this point I realize this: I’m kept around by my cousin when he is with this couple to keep her in check in jest, since he enjoys seeing her face when I knock her down a peg or two. Her boyfriend likes it too since I think me and my cousin re the only ones not afraid to say stuff like that to bust her balls and get a rise in her…apparently he doesn’t do this often.

So we all get back into the bar, and F disappears. Well, she came back with several shots of different alcohol all for me…I think I hit a mark with the “stupid” remark!! Well after eventually downing all the shows (I think there were 4-5 double shots, I can’t remember), I watched in humor as my cousin and his wife talked F out of buying me more and trying to kill me. Eventually something happened, F got PISSED and stormed out of the bar. In the end, my cousin rounded her up and we all went our separate ways in taxis. I crashed at my cousin’s place, tried to drink water (it didn’t make my throat, absorbed by my mouth as soon as it hit-a little dehydrated I think!!), ate some kick ass food, and then woke up without a hangover surprisingly.

That’s about as much as I remember. I’m sure there are other stories along with this, but I don’t remember them. All I know is that I didn’t wake up in police custody, so I guess I didn’t do too much damage!!! Overall it was a fun time, wished there were more people out, but things happen. Still it’s always fun to hang with my cousin (almost a brother to me, love the guy-NO HOMO!) and good people, so I can’t complain about a damn thing about the night.