today, not going to mention the date....

by Peter Marus

SO today was the big day, and honestly, I’m not fond of it.  Between the media shoving it down my throat, and EVERY cause doing the same, it just sickens me.  Sorry to sound wrong, I know it was a terrible day where lots of good lives were lost, but why do I have to turn everywhere to be reminded of it?  Why can’t I just have some time to think about it myself, or at least fines something else to watch or listen to without it being brought up.

That day, I was going to the Poconos to get some final business settled (I had quit my job and moved back to NYC, I needed to go up and get some last things done).  I expected the trip to last a day total, but it led to me being up there for several days. My father was nowhere to be found when it all went down (his bus route goes right to the WTC), but after several hours we found out he was in Brooklyn shuttling people from the Brooklyn Bridge to whatever mass transit was working at the time.  I also had two cousins down there.  One worked a couple blocks from the site, and he had to walk from Church St. to his house not too far from LaGuardia Airport (whish is a hell of a trip, good thing he’s borderline psychotic and an ex-Navy).  My other cousin worked at the WTC, but by some strange twist of fate, she had to work in the Jersey offices of her company that day.  I think she was on one of the last PATH (train system that goes under the WTC to Jersey, but also goes up to Midtown for commuters) Train before the shit hit he fan.   I was lucky that my family made it out OK, and all I did today was think about all of them and what happened.  It’s freaky that one little difference in something and they may not be here.