Friday night, I'm home, so I post

by Peter Marus

Man I feel fantastic!!! My week of hell at work is over.  I worked three 13-hour shifts, and it was insane with how much I had to do.  I realized that there really has to be more than one person working the building in order to keep in good shape.  I got some high praises form my bosses when they saw how I was handling the work.  I may complain about my job a lot, but it is a cool gig and I am getting paid for it, so I have it really better than others. Also got my first film from Netflix, the classic “Goodfellas”.  I got a lot of classics coming down the pipeline (I get one at a time sent to me, unlimited # per month).  Maybe I’ll post what I have on my list to show you what I feel are true classics.

I found something I am saving up for now.  I drank the Kool-aid and I am not going to be getting a Mac as my new computer when I can afford one.  It’s simple to use, and the transition from PC to it isn’t that hard.  Plus I don’t play games on my computer, so it’s not a total loss if I can’t do that on a Mac.  I’m looking into a Powerbook, and so far the one I want is going to run about $1300 according to Apple’s site.  SO I do have some ways to go as far as saving up for it.  But it gives me something to aim for with my money saving.  So far a good chunk of my paycheck goes straight into savings, no matter what (about 40%), and whatever bills I have to pay I pay out of the rest (or try to).  The past couple weeks have been hard to since I didn’t’ work full weeks and that does make an impact on my pay.  The next couple weeks should make up for it money wise, but I wish I could find a way to save more, considering I have some other big $$ expenses coming up in the next couple months.

I realized something; I really need to get out more!!! I really don’t on weekends.  It’s partly since no one else want s to go out, or cant’ afford to.  I have to get myself in to the mindset to grow a set and go out alone, be it dinner, drinking, movies, whatever.  This weekend I wouldn’t’ go out since I want to do something really crazy and sleep in, but I really need to get out more.  The biggest thing I have on my mind is that if I do go to say a bar, I feel like a tool going alone, I have no really explanation why, but I do (could be since college I really only went out in a group, so I guess I’m used to doing that).  It’s funny, as much as I have changed over the past several months, the more I find that hasn’t’ changed in me, and a lot of what I haven’t changed are going to be the most difficult to.

I just cleared out almost half of my friends on my friend’s list on my Myspace account.  I felt like getting rid of the deadweight and keep those I know and know of.  Tonight I started off with 291 friends, now I have 162.  And I re-did my top friends list to show those I have known for a while and those that I met relatively recently, but actually showed interest in me…something I am sort of not used to.

Enough of my inane ramblings, go back to whatever the hell it was you were doing.