just some stuff

by Peter Marus

Tomorrow I go out to celebrate my cousin’s birthday.  I have a couple things for him plus I’m buying him drinks.  But my biggest gift may be helping get his drunk ass back to his place, or at least help his wife out with that.  I’m bringing a camera to get some pics of the evening, but it’s also a chance to get a pic of me smiling…since I’m a smiling fool when I’m drunk!

Still looking around at Macs.  I have an idea what I want and where to get it.  I’m getting a Macbook laptop with the memory upgrade (it comes with 512 megs, but I want upgraded to over a gig to make sure it runs well).  I cant’ wait to get it, but I have to wait to get the money up for it.  So far is’ going slow, but eventually I’ll bet the cash up for it

This and the spring is my favorite time of year.  It is because of how the women dress.  I may have gone over this before, but when a woman has boots, a skirt and a top on, it’s just sexy to me.  Today a bunch of the women at work had this on and looked fantastic.  When it gets cooler the turtlenecks and sweaters come out on them.  I cant’ explain it, but I find it when they dress a little more conservatively more attractive.  I guess it’s that “leave something for the imagination” thing.

Job overall is going well, things that are going bad aren’t my fault and therefore my problem (mostly due to the shoddy work of the people who supply the building).  I get my paycheck this week that reflects all my overtime form last week, and it’s going to look sweet.  It’s also going to look good putting most of it in savings!!!

I changed my allegiance as far as my soccer team in England.  I “crossed the street”: to Manchester City.  I did so because United isn’t the team I first started to support, the Glazers made the whole experience of watching them not fun anymore.  It’s not that they don’t dominate, but it’s like they don’t try to make the team better, but maintain what they have.  This is mostly due to the immense debt they are in now due to the Glazers.  Plus my favorite American player of all time, Claudio Reyna plays for Man City, so that’s another factor.  The one thing I realized when I made the choice was that I was supporting the Yankees of English soccer, but I support the Mets here, so why not go with the Mets of English soccer???  Speaking of which…METS NL EAST CHAMPS BABY!!!  

Ok that’s it of my mind diarrhea