first blog for September

by Peter Marus

Well the MTV music awards are finally over, and I’m damn happy about it. It took place right by my job, so that meant my life was inconvenienced by an irrelevant award show that celebrates something they NEVER show. To tell you how stupid it is, I wanted to cross the street from my building to get something to eat. Trucks and gates barricade the street so people can’t cross, but I hopped over and went my way. I get back and some MTV jerkoff comes walking up to me ready to jump at me screaming, “what are you doing? You can’t do that, blah, blah, blah,” I calmly tell him “I work here, stupid”. And he takes a couple steps closer, trying to intimidate me. I take a step or tow closer, showing this retard I will NOT be intimidated by some glorified A/V tech. The building security comes up, I show him my badge and eventually everything settles down. I got a good laugh out of all the hoopla of this. Thank God MTV will be irrelevant altogether in 2 years tops. Thanks to the Internet and Satellite Radio, Bands don’t’ have to sell themselves out, soften their image, or just change to fit the MTV “model”. Now bands can go on Myspace, and get their music heard. They also can go to XM (Sirius has a real bad play list, more or less it’s the same 5 songs every other radio station plays, and this is on all their format channels), and get heard by millions of people, and not have to change their act. It’s so good to see all these “too cool for the room” assholes at MTV are at the point where they will NOT count for anything anymore. Not to mention all their shows on the channel suck, and pretty soon people will see through all that and MTV will just be a mention in history of TV.

Now onto my other thing I wanted to write about. Last night I met up with some people at a bar in Manhattan for someone’s birthday. The bar is on top of a building that had some nice views. The only thing I hated about it was it’s one of those bars where you have to dress up for, and in order to get a table to sit at; you have to spend money on a bottle of alcohol. The place on the inside looked like the strip club in the videogame Grand Theft Auto, and the overall vibe seemed “too cool for the room”-type people. The top floor, where it’s outdoors with places to sit and another bar, wasn’t open really due to the weather, but that looked like it could be a cool place. At least the waitresses were hot and in mini skirts. After a while we go to a real bar down the street. A real bar to me is wood, dimly lit, and has at least one Irishman bartending or owning the place. That’s what makes bars like Stout awesome, since the vibe in these places are so laid back and more fun. Oh yeah, the drinks are reasonably priced and not watered down. So ladies, if you want to go for a drink with me, it better be at a REAL bar!!!

There’s some inane bullshit for tonight for you, maybe I’ll have something interesting tomorrow, who the hell knows!