If I burn out, should make for some fun reading here

by Peter Marus

This is a weird time in NYC.  The US Open is on now, and the 7 train is funny to see.  It’s full of the usual scum that use the train, and now there’s the bright colored polo shirt, Khaki wearing, WASPy element going to and form the Tennis center. It’s so weird seeing these people sitting there looking at the other people like they should be mowing their lawns out in Bellmore or Baldwin, Long Island, but also hearing them talk about their stocks and wines they have.  I usually get the feeling that most aren’t going to go for the tennis, but more for a social status thing; like “I’m important in the region’s social scene, and going to the big Tennis event is a must on the social calendar”.  I may never get it since I’m not rich and in that lifestyle.

The next couple weeks are going to be nuts.  My co-worker is going away on vacation, and I have to pick up some of her shifts.  That means 12-hour shifts on Sept. 8, 11, 13,15, and 18th (but the 11th and 18th ones are more like 13-14 since I will have to go in earlier to get her job done AND mine done in time).  Sure the money will be great and all, but I just hope that I don’t burn out.  That’s the thing with my job- I get home around 7-8pm at night, and that means whatever I have to do, I have to get it done quickly since most places close at 9.  Then I have to get my home stuff done at night as well.  And God forbid I want to do something fun!  What the translates into is that I either have to go to bed late and get up a little later than I want to, or get to sleep early and hope I get up early enough to get my errands done, or both.  On top of this, these 12 hour days mean I’m up at 4:45 to get ready and I’m on my feet for the most part until 7, then I get home about 7:30-8, have dinner, and try to get something done around here before I totally collapse.  Weekends should be about fun, but the only fun I get mostly is catching up on sleep rather than going out to have fun I know some are reading this like “tough shit, welcome to the real world”, and that’s a fair point.  But remember this is my blog! I can bitch and complain all I want!!!

That’s all I can think about right now, not bad for a brain that’s on autopilot!!!