by Peter Marus

Well I had another thing come into my mind.  I had a conversation with my cousin about my preferences in women.  I like a more full figure woman, one that has some meat on her bones and some junk in her trunk.  My cousin turns around and says, “Oh, so you’re a cubby chaser!”  I was sort of pissed when he said this, but I guess I am, I wouldn't put it that way, but my cousin is a bigger asshole than me and that's how he figures things out-by using hurtful words...not like me of course!!!  

I like a bigger girl, I’m not afraid or ashamed to say it, but I like a big girl that’s in “control” of her body and attitude towards it.  What I mean is one that happens to be naturally bigger and keeps herself up well (sign she’s for the most part cool with her shape and isn’t ashamed with it totally), but not a total slob.  I really can’t think of a good celebrity example, but just look around you sometime, look for a woman that is a little bigger, but dresses and carries herself like it’s totally cool that she is the way she is.  THAT’s a woman I like.  One of my big reasons for this is I’ve found in my life they tend to be the most friendliest and coolest people to meet, and usually they hare the deepest in personality (which the beauty in that is most important to me, thin or not), and intellect.  I cant’ tell you how many women I’ve met that I described I’ve had some of the most fascinating and intellectual conversations with.   Another thing that attracts me to them is the honesty they show and the fact that most are not only honest but humble.  I find that a real plus that they know who they are and where they are.

On the other hand, I’ve found that the skinner the woman, the bigger bitch they tend to be.  They tend to be the “I have to worry about everything that happens with me just to be sure I’m still thin and pretty”-type, and they tend to be a little high-strung.  They also seem to only have vanity and celebrity-related bullshit on their minds and nothing else, which makes conversation with them short and pointless.  Along with this they tend to have NO sense of humor, or at least not like the sense of humor I like to be around.  Also just the simple fact that I don’t lie to feel like I’m hugging a bunch of sticks that I could break in half with no effort just isn’t for me.  On top of all this, skinny women try o put up a front and I HATE fake people, it means they are insecure of themselves and all they care about is what’s on the surface of everything, and not interested what’s underneath since they know they have nothing under their surface.

Obviously there are exceptions to my observations, and I welcome people to try to prove me wrong.  But these are what I’ve come to find in my life, and it about 99.9% doesn’t fail, but as I say some exceptions have been out there.  Ladies, all you should be doing is be happy with how you are and more importantly, accept both your flaws and pluses.  Some guys out there may like how you are.  It’s one thing to want to improve yourself, and that’s always a good thing, but just don’t let it completely run your life.

If this makes some women happy reading this, cool.  I am not here to inspire women to do anything.  It’s also not an attempt to get sympathy form women (but I bet I did anyway and now a bunch of women are smiling now because of reading that a guy likes something other than supermodels). I just was thinking about this the past few days, and I just wanted to write about it.  I am not ashamed to say all this, it’s just how I am and honestly, I have no problem with it.