couple updates

by Peter Marus

First, I updated my resume.  I put the link on the side if you want to see it.  Some here may notice the format to be a little familiar…..Yeah I used it, but all the content is original.  Besides, I don’t’ see a copyright or TM symbol on it!!

I don’t know what else to write about tonight, I’m just a little out of it form work today.  I was thinking about something today that seems to have happened to me.  Ever have a bunch of something present itself to you and you have to choose the best of what is presented to you?  Like take job-hunting for example, where one can go from no prospects to having several in front of you.  I think I have that now in other aspects of my life, and now I have to look at each and see which is the best option for me.  It’s an interesting situation to be in, and hopefully what comes out of it is something wonderful.