by Peter Marus

It's been a while since I wrote here and a lot has happened apparently.  So let's get to it:

First, Sunday would have been my dad's 70th Birthday.  I did the usual-go to his grave, left some flowers, came home and thought about the man all day. Fun day, huh?  The more I think about him, I realize that as much as it feels he was taken away too soon, he was 66 when he died-so he had a full life.  It sill sucks he's gone and I miss the hell out of him, but at the same time he lived a long lif and accomplished a lot.

I see our President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for.....NOTHING!!!  This guy for the most part has put this country under the bus, making us look like pussies and assholes in front of Europe.  Apparently he's no different than any other Democrat: make pseudo-stern threats, then put your hand out and try to be buddies with the scumbags wanting to kill you.  See I know Bush sorta pissed off a lot of others, but what Obama should have did was say "Look, shit happens in the past.  I'm here now lets just put everything in the past and move forward."  Instead, this asshole is going  around saying "I'm sorry, we'll do everything and sell everone out to make you all happy, despite how much it hurts us, we deserve it." Plus the fact he wants more socialistic programs and wants the government to control every aspect of our lives must appease those Euro jerkoffs and is perfect for their picture of "world peace".

Meanwhile, Clinton is in Ireland trying to make peace between the Northern Irish and Republic of Ireland. No offense to the Irish, but there are many more important issues our Secretary of State should be taking care of in the interest of the US.  In the grande scheme of geo-political issues, your problem is mre or less a pissing contest.  Clinton should be working on minor issues liek Afganistan, Korea, and all those poeple who want to kill us.  CAN OUR GOVERNMENT FOCUS ON ISSUES IMPERITIVE TO OUR SURVIVAL BEFORE SOME SAVAGES TAKES US OUT?!!?!?!

Honestly, I think we should simply tell everone go fuck themselves and make our country priority one.  I am more conservative, and I believe in the real Republican belief that the government should be small. and there mostly to protect it's people and maintain infrastucture, while internationally, only dealing with people that would be in our best intersts to deal with.  The only time the should get involved with people's lives and/or businesses in that they set the boundries of where and what they can go/do, and let them work within those boundries.  Usually if you put a boundry or limit on people and tell them to do what they can with that, the best innovation and ideas can come from it, and it will maximizw what we got.  Sure I'm Xemophobic, but bottom line is I live here, and I am mostly conserned what goes on here, not in some podumk country in Africa, not in some sandbox in the Middle East, not in South or Central America where almost weekly they can't decide who will run the country. 

Funny part about internationlal matters, I got a envelope this past week that had my birth certificate and a card that stated that my appliction for a US passport has been accepted, and I will be getting my passport in a couple weeks.  So soon I'll officially be considered a flight risk. 

One other big thing I got done today is that I went and got my eyes checked.  I got it done, and I needed to have my perscription changed slightly.  After choosing my lenses and options, I paid for my glasses and Friday I will have them.  Spent a little more than I wanted, but I got what I wanted.  Next up is getting a new suit for an event coming up and I want to make sure I look good for.

Finally I found a couple videos on Youtube.  First is of a song called "Pennsylvania" by the band Bloodhound Gang :

I chose it since it's been stuck in my head for a couple days, and that I plan on heading down to their backyard for a day this weekend (well, they are in the suburbs of Philly, but close enough).  Also for some reason I was remembering how much I enjoyed my time in the state.  Going to school in that state and living up there for a bit, despite what some Molloy alum think and tell me, was probably the best choices I made in my life.  It helped me see who I am, and that some of the things I did in the past was the wrong choice.  I took myself seriously too much, and I now don't.  This was one of the biggest things I had to get over to enjoy life.  Granted some assholes don't like me that much because I say and do whatever I feel, but fuck them.  I do what  I do, say waht I say, write what I write here to entertain myself.  My happiness comes first, and if it entertains others, cool.  I guess if you read this is because you like what I write, or are still hopelessly still crushing over me.  But those who don't like it and read this are either crazy, or deep down wish they could be like me.  As I said, there are some Alumns from my high school, and on some groups I am affiliated as well,  that I cought wind are ashamed of me and look down on me.  I can't wait for the day that these delusional jerkoffs have the ros pulled out of their asses, which is giving them the illusion that they are above others, and they come crashing down to everyone else's level.

Oh, and this kick ass version of Korn doing their song "Hypocrites."  Not much to say, but just a great live performance of the song: