by Peter Marus

My week off was productive, relaxing, and fun overall.  I got my new suit as well as a new shirt and tie to go with the suit.  I am dissappointed that I haven't gotten my new glasses yet.  it pisses me off when one is told that a service will be completed on a certain day, only to find out that the person offering the service didn't live up o their end.  On top of it, most of the people or company won't take responsibility for the failure to live up on their end.  They can say all they want as an explaination/excuse as to why they welched on the agreement, but bottom line is that if they put a date or time on something they say will be done, it's their responsabilty to get it done.  But hey, in society today I'm the asshole for asking others own up to their fuckups just as everyone requires me to do the same when I screw up, right?

Anyway I also had an awesome trip to DC on Wed.  I put a bunch of pics up of the trip on the Photos page here, and I added a video page as well for videos I made and will make down the road.  I had to put them on Youtube and embed them on the page, since Quicktime movies are a pain in the ass to embed on a regular site.  Granted I am sure you all will think the pics/vids suck. but I do hope that you get the idea how awesome the night was. 

Went upstate to a holloween haunted house/hayride experience.  It as a fun night watching others get scared, and the production values were impressive.  I think some ofthee actors didnt' jump at me since with my baseball cap, black gloves, and leather jacket on I looked like one of the security dudes.  The hayride was fun, and it was well worth the money.  I am interested in seeing what they do for Christmas, where they have a village set up for kids. 

Now I am off to work tomorrow to see how much my work wasn't done, and how much others fucked things up with my accounts.  Also during the day tomorrow I have to stop into a bank to see about making my money work more for me.  I have a regular savings account, but I want to see if there is anything I can do instead to try to generate more cash. 

if you are dissappointed with this entry, I'll write more this week and make it more intersting.