by Peter Marus

Saturday night was the last night there would be soccer at Giants Stadium.  Despite the rain and borderline hypothermia I suffered, it was a nice send off to that dump.  Pissed the team decided to use this game to finally show some offense and put a 5 spot on Toronto.  As glad as I am that The team is moving into their own place that will have real grass, a roof over the stands, and jsut a better atmosphere, I will miss the old place a little.  One major thing I will miss is the tailgaiting.  I will miss going to the stadium hours before kickoff, meeting pwople and socializing with others, making friends, drinking, and eating osme kick-ass food.  I'm going to miss chef Leon's awesome eats, which was always first class.  The dude deserved more than whatever we all pitch in to help pay for the food, he puts a lot of time into the food and just deserves as much props as one can give.

All day yesterday I kept thinking of my dad.  he took me to my first game there in 96, right after he blew out his knee and had surgery.  We got tickets for the game before that all happened, and I said it's cool if he didn't want to take me.  But my dad did, and I got to see GI-O-VAN-NI *CLAP CLAP CLAP* SAV-A-RES-E *CLAP CLAP CLAP* score the most famous hat trick in Metrostar/Red Bull history against Tampa Bay (I apologize I dont' have the first goal here, can't find it on Youtube for some reason):

Hell, I'm getting emotional here writing this.  Both about my dad and that night he did that to me, and how fun it was to watch the Metros back then.

Anyway, today I get everything all set for the Baptism today.  Went to the church to show my baptism certificate, did the class thing, and now it's all set for next Sunday.  Also got to spend some time with the little one.  At first she was scared of me, but i havnen't seen her in weeks due to illness and with my new glasses, but after a while she seemed cool with me.  Good looking kid, had a million dollar smile and gigle, and just made things seem good having her sit on my lap just being a baby. 


Ok one more video to share.  It's a cool song I"ve sen the video a bunch of times.  I recalla  bunch of teams around the world does do it, and it'd be cool if the ESC did it again (tried it a couple times, and it didnt' really pick up, at least in this form).  Although it's not an original song, it would sound cool in the new place with the roof: