by Peter Marus

I don't know what happened today, but I've really been in a pissy mood.  Actually, i know what and who has put me in this mood, I just don't understand why I am this intensly pissed. It could be that some around me seem to be taking me for granted, and that they think my loyalty and trust is something that is unconditional.  Well, I've been nice enough with people.  I've done all I can and showed some the respect I thought they deserved.  They retuned that with respect back, but now they seem to think that one act of "coolness" is good enough, and they don't have to return any favors I do for them.  Well, here's the small flaw in their logic: Me being around and my loyalty is a privilage to have that one has to EARN. Nothing pisses me off more than someone disrespectng me, those who I love, or something I believe in after they get something out of them.  I am one who knows that people have lives and sometimes that takes precidence.  I'm not dumb, but at the same time I expect the person or entity to give back as much as I give.  Bottom line.  I'm not asking for much, but I'm the ashole for wanting something and willing to not just lay down and "take it" from someone or something.  At least that's what my last couple exes have told me, yet to them they were in the right to cheat on me and just use me for free dinners and entertainment.  I hope ths is something I can pass onto the next generation: dont' take shit from anyone, and those who really want respect, give respect.

See, if I were to create a program to teach the youth to be "right" and smart about this world, I'd strap the kids down, keep them awake "Clockwork Orange"-style, and make then watch/listen to people like:


My dad

My Grandfather

My Uncle who passed away in 2003

My cousin/Godfather

My cousin who's like my brother

Bill Hicks

George Carlin

Ron Bennington

Pat Buchannan

Jesse Ventura

Ric Flair

Joe Paterno

Bill Parcells

Mike Keenan

If you take a little from each of these people and impliment it into your life, the youth will be like me: living and walking the life of the righteous.

FInally, I'm broke.  I spent a ton of money the past couple weeks getting ready for a big event this weekend as well as bettering myself.  Sort of glad I can't spen any more money (what I hve is reserved for bills and furutre purchases).  I'm glad I can't go out thsi weekend, but that's also because I really am not a big fan of the Holloween "holiday".  It's not a moral or religious reason, it's just I dont' see the draw in getting into costume or character.  Personally I think most who enjoy it have some issue with their childhood that they want to recapture as an adult.  Also I think that the more someone gets int othe character they want to be that night, it just shows how much they really hate themselves and wish they were someone else.  Then again I'm not a psychologist, so what do I know.  I'm jsut usually right about these things.

Oh, and to those who think I spew ignorace that should not be listen to or read, that's your close-minded, ignorant, ironic opinion.  Then again I'm not one who is ignorant.  If I was truly ignorant, my views and opinions wouldn't be based on simple facts, but on hyperboles and hypothoses that have yet to be proven or dispelled.  My views at it's worse are uninformed, not ignorant.