by Peter Marus

Lazlow show happened this weekend. this time it was live from the compound:


go to the next couple days for the Audio and video files to download.

also check out Live From the Compound broadcasts that happen from time to time-usually he says it's happening on twitter at the last minute.

Speaking of technology.  I for some reason joined  I know I'm a few years behind, but I was curious about it.  So now I joined, what the hell do I do? Anyone who can help with that contact me.

My vacation is coming up after this week of work.  I had a trip planned to go to somehere you'd least expect me to go to next weekend, but things fell apart and I now am home for the weekend.  I decided to list what I wanted to accomplish this week off, and here's what I have:

1. Rest

2. Go to a Cohens or some eyeglass store to get my eyes checked and new glasses.  

3.  Travel to DC for the US World Cup Qualifier

4. Take a day trip to Philly to see a friend of mine.

5. Get a new suit for a the baptism of my cousin daughter-where I am will officially become her Godfather

6. Clean up and organize some stuff around here

Sounds like a full plate? well it does but it's going to be fun, and it beat real working.  

How about the G-Men!!!  Undefeated, and ruling football.  And the Jets...well I have no real respect for them anymore.  Some know I have a persona hated for the team and why, but I started looking at the organization overall and I can't respect a team that is happy being the second-rate team in the area.  What I mean is that since the mid-80s, they've piggybacked the Giants.  They use the Giant's stadium, rather than getting their own.  They never tried to separate themselves that much from the Giants and really build their own identity.  In fact, they did have an identity when they were playing in Shea, they were the working class team, but since they moved to Jersey, they seemed to be more trying to emulate the Giants.  The Jets for a long time kept themselves separate with where they practiced and trained in Long Island, but now they moved to Jersey as well, finally severing their identity to the team they were in the old AFL.  Hell, the Jets should have been working on getting their own home, and have one by now.  But their self-sabotaging and self-reveling in mediocrity, they had to beg to go Dutch on the new Stadium in Jersey.  So now they are not the "big dog" in their own home, they are just a roomate.  How is a team supposed to build their brand if they like to just be the second rate team.  As shitty as the Red Bulls are, evan when they were the Metrostars, they have fought and worked to build their own identity in the area.  But as far as the Jets, all I know is that they are always the "little team that could," and are just the other team to make money for the Giants and the NJSEA.

To show you a funny example, here's a Toyota commercial that makes light of the truth in NYC:


That's all I got tonight