by Peter Marus

So another English soccer team was bought by a foreign consortium.  For some reason it's ok for Arabs to buy teams, but everyone shits themselves in American invest in a team. See, The logic is that an American will only do so to make money, but someone else will keep the spirit of the team and try to win.  Sorry assholes, they are in it for the cash just as much as the Americans.  Only difference is that Americans aren't getting their money from a savage country that harbors and supports terrorists, while live their lives by archaic rules from a arbitrary book.  Then again, the English have been known to be pussies and bend over and take it form minorities.  Seriously, Their white guilt makes the American's look like they are the Aryan Nation.  Id any minority group is upset in England, they can shut down the fucking country and make all the tea-drinking fairies quiver and give up everything.  BUT GOD FORBID THE YANKS INVEST MONEY IN THEIR COUNTRY!!!  Americans own Manchester United, Liverpool FC, and have stakes in several other teams in England.  None of them are in dire straights, and Manchester United and Liverpool FC are the most important teams in the EPL as far as selling the league in Europe and the world, and since the Americans have came in, they have done a better job at it.

By the way, if the English are so patriotic and want the Yanks out, where are the English with the cash ready to buy the team?  Exactly, their socialist tendencies have made it so no one has the cash to buy the majority stock in any team.  Hence why the Oil-rich Russians and Arabs are coming in buying up their national pride-hell even the only balls they have.  But the AMERICANS are the fucking problem and the filthy savages, right?

Next up on my hate list-that clickity-clack cunt Kate Gosselin.  Who isn't happy to hear that her husband took hundreds of thousands of dollars and left her with just a grand in their joint account?  I am so glad to see a woman get that.  If it was the other way around, women would be in all their sassiness going "You go girl, take yo money from yo man!!!"  But in this world, women are equal so she got the same treatment as a man usually gets from a woman. It just made me happy to see a woman, who even God said she shouldn't have children naturally by making her uterus toxic, get treated as badly as she deserves, actually she deserves to be treated worse in this divorce proceedings.  Look back a few entries at what I think some women deserve to be treated and that's how Kate should be treated on a good day.

I know osme of you are passing judgment on me after reading this (and all I write-you asholes still read on don't you??).  You know what, suck a dick stupid.  You all sit there thinking you are at levels above me, passing judgment and trying to make me feel like I'm the retarded one, when dep down you WISH you were me and afraid to see that in the end you are really are at my level.  I know who you people are: you are those who when I make a statement or opinion known, you are the ones who try to make your personal attack like a joke as if "Oh, I'm just breaking balls," but your shitty attempt at humor has the vicious tone and it's obvious you are trying to attack me.  Well, I haven't changed, you're all still a bunch of pussies who dont have the balls to say your shit to my face, and you will always hide behind your Internet profile or even your chick.  In the end when all is said and done, I'll be the man, and you people will be the bitch in this world.  Bite the pillow and take it.

 Finally, here's a video I was looking for of this fight I think is one of the best fights I've ever seen.  About 3:10 in the first round is one of the sickest Judo throws I've ever seen.  Also at some point you see a tooth fly out of someone's mouth, blood, and just an exhibition of what MMA is all about.

Click here for the Video