by Peter Marus

So tonight I had a level of lament today.  Not in what has happened recently, since the past couple weeks have been really awesome.  No, what I am lamenting or more angry at myself is about my Mac Mini project.

My Mac mini projects was to create a total media server in my house, where I can:

1. Play all my music and podcasts through my living room system

2. Watch the movies I have on DVD with out the DVD

3. Have my Mini as a DVR to save me some money on my Satellite bill, as well as be able to watch what I record anywhere in my house over my network

4. have it as an internet portal in case I wanted to do research on somethig I saw on TV, or if I'm too lazy to go upstairs to my room I can look at stuff on the net on the couch.

For the most part I failed at all these.  The music part I got done through Itunes and their streaming over a home network option.  That part was working fine.  The DVD part was gongi ok, and I may continue to try that on my computer in my room and try to stream it to my Apple TV via Itunes.  I still want to get a 1-2TB hard drive to replace my current hard drive and store some media on that.  The DVR part is impossible, since all the hardware to turn my Mini into a DVR only works with either over-the-air HD signals or any analog cable/satellite programming.  That's not what I wanted to do, since I pay for HD, I want it recorded in HD.  So I will stay with the DVR I have now.  I may try the season passes from now on as far as TV programs.  Also maybe some movies, but I may just use Netflix via my 360 to just watch streamed TV shows and movies.

I just hooked up my Apple TV, and it's all synced with the Itunes library I have.  It works fine now, but I have to take a look at getting a bigger hard drive in it.  I either have to buy a new Apple TV or look online for people who I can pay to install a larger hard drive in it.  Whichever is cheaper I'll go that route. 

As I said I may use Itunes more for TV and movies, if I want to keep the programs after watching it. I may record something on my DVR, and if I like it, I'll buy the season pass for that programming (If it's on Itunes and if I didn't buy the pass already).  Doing that gives me a DVD box xet as it's being made, where I can also see it on my Ipod.   

I have a ton of DVDs, and I have to see if I will try to put them digitally on a hard drive and watch it through my Apple TV if that's possible and worth the time.  I already have tenative plans to go to Ikea to look at some shelves to put my media on in my living room, so I may not bother doing the transfer.  Again, I am going to look into it.  

So, Pete's Mac Mini plan-FAIL.  Not total fail, just fail to me since I expect myself to make it happen.  But in the end I will make somthing work.

Enough tech talk, especially after I think I wrote something disjointed and pointless.  Filipinos went 1-1 in combat sports Sat night.  the Pac-man kicked the shit out of Cotto, wholce Brandon Vera lost to Randy Couture in the UFC.  Vera lost in a way that he wasn't beaten.  Couture held vera against the cage the entire fight, and showed enough to the ref he was working and not just holding Vera.  Not the best fight, but it was a valid way to fight.  Dan Hardy though showed he deserves a shot at St. Pierre, Bisping won his fight strong, and the two UK fighters that were on the Ultimate Figher last season had some strong showings.  Next UFC event is Saturday, with Tito Ortiz starting his UFC comeback against Forrest Griffin, and one of my favorite fighters, Josh Koscheck fighting as well.  I'm probably planning on getting this, and seeing if anyone else want to chip in for it. 

Finally, Penn State won but can't win the Big Ten, but the Steelers shit the bed against the Bengals.  Sports-wise this weekend was a wash, but given the total body of the weekend, it was an awesome weekend that still has me smiling.

But Monday I have jury duty, so that sucks but I have to show up I guess.