by Peter Marus

IT has been a while since I wrote here, so I thought I would write and just fill some in on what has been happening:

Jury Duty sucked.  I spent two days sitting around doing nothing, and almost got picked for a jury. At one point I thought I would be since the first group in the panel that was questioned had no white guys picked, and there the assistant DA, and Defense lawyers kept asking me about my job and what it intails.  I was pleased that I wasn't picked.  It iwas one job that made me WISH I was doing my current job.  SO I retun to my job later last week only to have to deal with legal assistants at some of the law firms who represent either claimants or  medical providers.  Most of the ones I had to deal with were women with pissy attitudes.  Many were also Russian broads, who generally have the pleasant attitude of a dock strike.  IN short if these broads knew how to suck a dick right, they would have better jobs.  Don't take the fact you suck at your job and in life in general that you can't get a job or happy home life out on me

Thursday night I had dinner at a restaurant that was quite unique.  It was a Chinese resaurant wher they offer ulimited box wine.  The good was ok, and I was smashed due to the wine-which humored the company i was with.  It was unique and made me wish I had a can for my wine.

Friday I spent an evening in Brooklyn.  It started in Red Hook at the IKEA looking around for some stuff.  At first I wanted to see what I can get as far as shelves to put my DVDs/media near my TV in my living room.  But now after re-evaluating things, I should just get a new entertainment center.  I had dinner at IKEA as well, and the meatballs kicked ass.  Sweeden has an odd language.  It always looks like a German was writing out their alphabet while having a stroke, and Sweden just adopted it as theirs.  After IKEA, I spent the rest of the night in Prospect Park.  So Friday night I proved a White boy can survive the real-ass Brooklyn. 

Saturday was UFC night, which always puts on a good show despite the shitty judges who score the fights.  All who I wanted to win did.  Koscheck showed he should get a shot at the winner of GSP/Dan Harty, but if Kos and Harty do meet, the octigon isn't beg enough for the egos.  Tito Ortiz mad his return to the UFC and lost a clost one, but that was partly to the judges fucking up the scoring.  Ortiz did lose the fight, that's not debated, just the judges' scores made the fight look different than what it really was.  But this is what happens when the Athletic commisions try to put the antiquated and failing boxing judging system into MMA, which is a different sport all together.

That's it, I'm going to bed now.