by Peter Marus

I found a site and internet broadcast that I feel so strong about, and I am so behind, I subscribed to donate $5 a month to the show.  the show is "No Agenda", and it can be found on Itunes and here.  It's a show hosted by Adam Curry-YES, the old MTV VJ, and John C. Dvorak-a journalist that writes about business, technology, and current events.  They talk about a lot of the major issues in the world, but focus on the real news about them.  They don't talk about what the Mainstream media talks about when it comes to these issues.  They focus on stories form international publications, and independent news sources.  It's quite an informative and enlightening to listen to.  I am impressed and believe in the no-bullshit type of media, I chose to donate money to the show to make sure it keeps going and to show support for REAL journalism and news facts.

See, most mainstream media are nothing but whores to corporations and sponsors that they will do whatever they can to appease them them and make sure that these "sponsors" get their agenda pushed.  See, if another sponsor came in with mroe money than the first sponsor, the media would go for the money and push THAT agenda.  The Media are just a bunch of mercenaries, but more like whores-getting into bed of whoever coughs up the cash.I am done with most media, especially with the easily accessible real media on the internet.  On the average day i look at and Google News for my news about the world.  I still pick up the Daily News, but that's mostly for the sports section than anything.  

The Internet gives me a look at all angles.  I keep my mind open to a lot of issues-you never know what you will find out if you, GOD FORBID, listen to all the angles/sides of an issue.  I sort of get irritated when I hear a lot of people just assume because a politician or person outside of the mainstream media or goes against the mainstream media, they are nuts or crackpots, or whatever.  It's cool to have an opinion, but make that opinion after looking at all sides of the issue.  But then again that's asking you people to actually DO SOME WORK  and research looking for facts.  Most of you people prefer to be just sheep and prefer the safety of being spoon-fed what the media tells you.  

Oh no?? Put it this way, if the media really cared about informing the people of facts, they wouldn't have strippers giving you news about inane bullshit and glorifying some assholes who can pull some carny shit and look like someone else and get millions for doing that in TV/Movies/music, rather than giving you the FACTS on the major issues facing this country and world.  life's too fucking short to be a sheep, just look around and question what you see.  Then take a couple minutes to look up on the net facts on all sides of what you are questioning, and finally formulate your opinion on that.

So I dare you to do this: Go look on the Internet and find out all the info you can on an issue you have a little interest in, and maybe fucking learn something about it.  There is a ton of independent sources of news, news form reputable sites that actually put journalism ahead of the bottom line.  You can get the "right" answer by doing this.  "Right" in that it is what you think is "Right".  It's ok if its not the same of others' answers, and THAT'S OK!! In this country, you are ALLOWED to disagree with others, that's what makes things better-the debates/conversations/dialogue of all sides of a problem to come to an conclusion that will benefit all.

So I will listen to my podcasts, read my internet sites, and think what I think.  If you dont' agree with what I believe-no problem.  I'll be me, and I'm allowed to be me.  I dont' care what you think, but I respect what you think since that's your opinion.