by Peter Marus

I gave up the Iphone and went woth the Droid.   First off, it's not because I hate the Iphone now, I still think it's the greatest electronic divice I've ever had.  My issue was with the carrier-AT&T and the shoddy work they have dont to kepe up with the popularity of the phone.  Coverage was good, but when traffic was high on their network, it was as if there was no service.  Friday I went to the Verizon story just to play with the Droid.  It impressed me so much I was late getting back to work when I was getting my phone.  The Google OS takes a little getting used to, but it's not difficult.  I have al the types of apps  had before, and so far I love it.  One thing is that the 3g network of Verizon is FAST!!! I don't use wifi in my house anymore due to it.  I wasn't the only Iphone abandoner, as there were at least 3 at the store I was at, and one friend of mine got an Android as well.  I have some minor issues with the phone, but nothing that makes me regret going to it. I am going to move all my stuff to oogle, like mail calendar and whatever else I can.  If Verizon offered the Iphone in the future, I'd consider it, but for now I had to change from AT&T.

Saturday I spent the day in Philladelphia with an old friend.  We hung out watching Penn State shit the bed agaisnt Ohio State.  We had to walk since the transit strike was going on (luckily the commuter rails were still working so I could get to Centre City from Trenton and back).  The bar we were at was cool, but got full quick, after we ate we moved to the bar's upstairs bar which was quiet until a birthday party rolled in. After the game I made the trip back to NYC.  I have to say that I like the train.  It's not the fastest way to get around, but it's an enjoyable experience.  I'd like to use the train more and more.  It blows my mind how positive I have felt lately about life.  Sure some part still suck, but overall I can't complain.

Sunday was a day in Brooklyn. I went out for dinner and hung out with someone who showed me around the Prospect Park area, and some other areas.  We ate at this Italian joint and walked around the neighborhood.  We drove around for a bit and had a good time talking and just enjoying the night.  Overall it was a kickass weekend for me and I can't wait to see what happens next week and next weekend.

Oh yeah, Fedor was lucky and I can't wait for the rematch.  Shields did win the fight over Miller but Miller gave him hell, even almost choked Shields but the round ended.  Mousaui really is one of the top pound-forpound fighters in MMA. Finally, I wish CBS/Showtime would get some real announcers for the MMA fights and not the clowns they have now.