by Peter Marus

So it's been a busy time since last I posted here.  First is the fact that Obama showed he doesn't care about America, wants to fuck this country over so he can make money off of it through the "cap and Trade" he and the EU wants to push through at the conference in Copenhagen, and he's just a coward. How did he really prove this? By not being at one of the most important events the Commander in Chief should be at.  Last weekend was the Army-Navy football game, and the President-THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE DAMN COUNTRY-always shows up to show support for all the players and all those who choose to enter the services.  Well, Obama didn't show up, and proved he doesn't give a shit about any of the armed services.  Of course the coward has the balls to send tens of thousands to die, but he won't show up to face those who potentially will die for the country THEY love.  So Obama would rather jet-set around Europe to get a bullshit award attend a bullshit conference where in the end he'll make a killing off of personally (he was on the board who gave the grant to create part of the mechanism to create the "cap and trade", and Obama has interest in it), and do all he can to make this country look like assholes, thn man up an face the youngsters who are to follow HIS orders.  

Oh, he did say this when he was campaigning.  One of many bullshit lies the bullshit artist has said.  Funny, people bashed Clinton about his bullshit, but Obama isn't called out publicly:

Along with this, here are some stories about what else is going on that you didn't see/hear.  But hey, the WORLD HINGES on Tiger FUCKING Woods:–-missile-failure-caused-by-ufoet-intervention/,2933,579868,00.html

also, NYC wants  to name a street after a savage who shot a cop.  People want Mumia Abu-Jamal's name to be on a street in NYC.  Seeing how fucked up this country has been, not only will he get it, he will be honored like he was a fucking hero. THis is also the country and society wants Terrorists to be tried like US citizens and want to have the same rights as them.  They also want the trial to be in NYC, not far from Ground Zero.  These animals shouldn't be allowed ANY rights.  They should actually be taken to the tribunals, have their time, taken out back and shot.  But with the pussy administration we have, they wont' and probably have them released.  Hell, they are GIVING these assholes better medical care than what they want to give the citizens of this country.

Again, look for the real news.  You can look at the mainstream media, but for every ounce of bullshit they give you, use Google and look for ten minutes for other stories on the subject and learn more than what the mainstream WANTS to let you see.


Tomorrow I will write something nicer.  It'l be about something I think is cool and how technology is really impressing me.