by Peter Marus

So I said I was going to put a nice thing up tonight.  I was looking through Twitter the other day, and noticed some of the lists I've been put on.  Lists are like groups people put whothey follow into.  it could be about a sport or a list of friends, or whatever.  I looked at a couple of lists Im on, and I am actually humbled by who I am assoicated with.  I am on some lists associated with some heavy-hitters in soccer media and comedy as well.  It's funny and amazing to see my name among those I look up to.  There are some who write about soccer I would also like to chat with about media and technology as well, but like my skills about chatting about soccer, I'd probably sound uninformed and retared to some of these people.  I am honored and umbled associated with some awesome people.

I am getting an Amazon Kindle soon, and I cant' wait.  I want to read more, and using a Kindle would seem a great way to do it.  Reading it electronically is easier and more interesting than just as an actual book.  I read more electronically now than I ever read before, so it would logically be easy to read and inform myself via a Kindle.  Apparently I'm not the only one, since I have read articles about school districts and libraries getting into E-book readers like the Kindle.  School districts are looking into having kids only use them and download their textbooks rather than carrying out a lot of heavy books, plus it would be cheaper than buying/maintaining stocks of textbooks.  Libraries are getting into "renting" copies of e-books.  Form what I read, you would bring your reader to the library, download a book, and have it for a certain about of time.  This is all good for kids and people in general to get them to read more.  It makes reading literature now like reading a website or blog, with out the annoying ads or crap.  I welcome this technology and hope those out there will give it a shot, and especially parents consider getting something liek this for their child.  What's better to give a child than education or at least the gateway to education, knowledge, and different views of the world? How is this a bad thing, I ask?

If you haven't looked into E-book readers, they are amazing things.  They can do E-books, PDFs, some do electronic copies of newspapers and magazines, and other stuff.  Also they are popular since you can read those embarrassing books you don't want others to read (like the girlie porn, AKA "romantic novels" you ladies love to read).

As I said, there are a ton of E-Book Readers out there.  Along with Amazon's and Barnes and Nobles', there are ones from Sony, Acer, and dozens of them either out or coming out.  I'm getting the Kindle since it's available-the Nook is on backorder for several months now, the selection of books on is huge, and I like Amazon and their products/services.  Most books to buy are $10-$15 and are downloaded in a minute via WiFi or 3g.  Also you can subscribe to newspapers and magazinse and have them delivered to your Kindle.

here's a link to the info on it, if you haven't heard of it (all 10 of you).