by Peter Marus

Boo hoo Hoo, Notre Dame fired their coach.  I can't believe how many sports douchebags think this is a big deal.  Notre Dame is a Shit school that's full of greedy scumbags hiding behind and pimping the Catholic gimmick.  The attitude of that school is "As Notre Dame goes, so goes the US in Catholic Issues/college academics/football".  Seriously, if you put stock in this sham of a college, you deserve to go to Hell.  If you think they are a good example of a Catholic institution, you deserve to go to Hell.  This is a university that not only shows it's greed and flaunts it's riches, it has the BALLS to go to NBC with hat in hand saying they're just a "poor catholic university."  Notre Dame holds NBC hostage and along with that, will cockteases the Big Ten Conference by letting them on as far as joining the conference.  Fuck Notre Dame, I hope there's a kidtouching scandal in the future for them.

Since you morons are all tied up in the Tiger Woods scandal (which means NOTHING in the scope of the world), here are some articles about the REAL news and issues that affect this planet.  

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