by Peter Marus

Hope all are safe form the BIG SNOW STORM this weekend, Actually I really don't care, but nice to show some concern.  So is this the result do that horseshoe called global warming, the crap that is being discussed at a bullshit conference?  Or is this what the "crackpot" scientists called global cooling-which has more credible info proving it than global warming.  See, you dummies out there think they are crackpots because thats what the media and government tell you.  And as usual you sheep take it as fucking fact.  I call you guys sheep, but in reality you are worse.  You people are bigots.  I say this because you only look for and see one side of an argument, rather than taking a couple minutes to search out the other side and then formulating an opinion from ALL facts.  No, you ignorant bigots are quick to just take whatever is told you as fact and will bash whoever the media and government tell you to bash.


One good example of the media which I hope dies soon, is the AP.  You may know them as the Associated Press but I know them as what they really are: America's Propaganda.  This group of scum have the prefect racket, but should be gone once old media dies.  They sell newspapers stories, so the small papers don't have to do any work…or REAL JOURNALISM.  If this isn't a sickening example of lazy journalism, I don't know what is.  Rather than doing real work and do the fact-finding and research like a real journalist would do, these papers-frighteningly both small and large-pay AP to do the work and use that without checking if the AP is factual.  Usually the AP isn't, either facts are wrong or they spin it to appease the government.  These whores don't' care who is in charge, they'll massage and bend over for whoever is in charge.  So the US has a great propaganda mechanism that reaches the people, and they can get their agenda out there.  It astounds me that journalism overall allows this since it goes against what they should be believing in. 


Want proof of what I mean as far as lazy journalism and how the AP has infected the media?  Google anything in the news, and see how many identical stories come up form different news outlets with that stupid AP at the end of it.  There I enlightened you on one more bullshit thing in this world, thank me for making you one less step from being a total mark and/or sheep.


I can't wait for the Old Media scumbags like the AP get crushed by the new media.  I learn more from going to different sites on my own than relying on a newspaper.  I only buy a paper now to get local sports coverage, and the rest is not even worthy to be used to housetrain a dog  Here are some of the places I get my news now, where I get all the sides of the story:

Google News



No Agenda podcast

and other podcasts/RSS feeds I subscribe to


It's not a ton of work to look for real the news, maybe 10 minutes to read and whatever time a podcast runs, but the point is that you have to look for the news.  Don't be a sheep and go "BAAAA i'll believe whatever is given to me and said to me as fact BAAAAA."  NOTHING IS JUST GIVEN TO YOU, you have to work for things in this world.  I know that notion crushes all the coddling and sense of entitlement some of you spineless jackasses have gotten from Mommy and Daddy, but as one of the few remaining from the generation where you earned your spot and everything you wanted through work, but sack up get over it.  


BTW I know the big story to most of you is Brittany Murphy died, but I can give a rats ass about a cokewhore who probably got what was coming to her.  Plus she could care less if I died so I guess it's even.


One more thing: Obama's Big Sellout.  This is YOUR "Black Jeebus" people.