by Peter Marus

So the past week I had a pseudo-epiphomy.  I was listening to one of the more recent "This Week in Google" podcasts, and something occurred to me.  See, Google will invest, buy, and creat products in order to get their name out there.  They are at the most basic form a search engine company that sells advertising that matches one's searches.  They do it a non-intrusive way, where it's not "in your face".  I then started thinking about Red Bull, and what they get themselves into, and I have come to the conclusion that for the most part, Red Bull and Google are the same.

Both want their names out there, where both don't care what they get into or how much it costs, the bottom line is that they get their names out there and hopefully sell some products.  Sometimes Red Bull is a little obnoxious about it, but they are doing nothing more than what Google wants and has done.  So I've come to the conclusion that I am cool with them being owners of the soccer team I have followed. I am still not cool enough with wearing their gear yet, but I am not holding any bitterness to them owning the team, just how they run what they own.  Maybe at some point I may start wearing RBNY gear, but that won't be for a while.  

Found out PSU is playing LSU in the Capitol One Bowl.  I'm glad and agree that PSU shouldn't be picked ahead of Iowa as far as the BCS bowls-Iowa beat PSU and had the better record and deserve the spot.  Still blows my mind that the Big East is still an "elite conference" in the BCS' eyes, and it's more and more looking like the Mountain West is a better conference, but hey that's their thing.  Also who the fuck is Notre Dame to think they are big enough to be included as well.  They are the England of College football: Big time in the past, can draw a crowd to an event they are in, but still pathetically living off their past and haven't done jack shit in decades.  As far as the national title game, Alabama deserved it after telling Tebow this:

(to paraphrase a famous wrestler's infamous promo)

"You sit there and thump your bible, talking about your John 3:16.  'Bama 3:16 says 'I just whooped your ass!!'"

Texas-I think they were given the game by the refs. I'm not talking about the penalties, but the :01 added to the clock.  The entire game seconds were taken off the clock and not replaced for both teams, but now when Texas can lose if they don't pull this bullshit, they will review the goddamn thing.  See, If texas Lost, that mean Boise State and/or TCU had a legit right claim the spot.  Therefore you do the math.

One great development was that we live in a "Big Country" now, as Roy "Big Country" Nelson-MY PICK MIND YOU-won The Ultimate Fighter show.  Also, I never shat on Kimbo.  I thought he was an OK guy who happened to be push way to fast and hard.  I saw him kick the fuck out of one of the baddest dudes in the UFC-Houton Alexander.  It went to the decision, but Kimbo show some real skill and if there was an additional round, he would have knocked out Alexander.

That's it for now. but I thought I'd add these:

THis is a remix of my favorite youtube vids, but with the Mario Bros. cast:

These are form one of the best soundtracks ever created: the soundtrack to the movie "Judgment Night."  It was an innovated album.  It paved the way for the Nu Metal genre by combinibf alternative/rock acts with rap acts.  There are some amazing tracks on it.  Take a listen if you are into either genre and see how grandbreaking it is.

finally since it's so damn cute: