by Peter Marus

Just a few things I wanted to post, since I can on my site.

First, seeing the news lately, and I mean the REAL news about REAL issues, is playing on all things I can't stand.  I HATE it when the world and society tries to play the Whit and American guilt cards.  this farce of a Global Warming meeting in Denmark has been trying to push the US into cutting all it's emmissions, yet are leaning to letting India and China off the hook as far as carbon immissions.  Why, do you ask? THEY HAVE BEEN TRYING TO MAKE THE FUCKING CASE THAT THE US IS THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEMS!!!  What is our President, the "Black Jeebus", going ot do? he's going to go there...and probably throw the US under the bus and once again sell out to the world, slowly taking away our sovergnty.

Yeah, you read that.  This conference is really the first step to the World government that everyone wants.  They all want it so the US looks weak.  Fuck them.  We earned our spot, why should we just GIVE it to those who don't deserve it or stepped up to take it?  So this is the first step to the New World Order, and it won't end until the US is the bitches to some savages, and ignorant assholes in Europe, Asia, and Africa.  Make no mistake, I am all for helping out the fellow man.  The thing is that I am for helping the fellow man-as long as they deserve it and are willing to try to help themselves.  Don't give me the "circumstances and society make it hard for some to help themselves"-once again, trying the White guilt card.  Those who want something, work for it.

my Mick Irish Great-grandparents on my mom's side of the family and my Ginny WOP grandparents on my dad's side, all came over here, fell off a boat, and worked their asses to make something for themselves.  they earned their spots, and worked for the American dream.  Dont' EVER try to hold what happened several hundred years ago i this country or some things that happened several generations ago against me.  All that happened in the past, and we should all just move on.  Just stop trying to make me out as the "bad White man."  I find it amazing how grudges are held and used as crutches, just because many can't handle the fact that hard work is needed ti earn what they want and things shouldn't be just handed to them.  But the Black Jeebus and many in our country want to give everything away to those who don't deserve what they want.

rant over, here's some things to put a smile on some faces:


Don't ever screw with the F.B.I.