by Peter Marus

So tonight was the BIG game where Beckham made his MLS return. I could give two shits about going to the stadium on a workweek. If the game was in the new place, i probably would have gone. But unlike some in this world, I have other things outside of soccer to occupy my time. I spent tonight with a three month old who for the first time didn't start crying as soon as I held her. So on that front there is some progress. The kid seems to understand that I"m the creep that his parents allow to hang out with them once in a while. Eventually I think it will move on to where I start to help spoil the kid and help teach her about how the world works. The teaching has started already by the parents. I walk in and the little one is watching the Mets games, and she seemed into the game by staring at the TV, but that was her taking breaks looking around for her mommy. Also the child has some Mets gear, so the kid is on the right path about how cruel and tough this world is. Not sure what the next lesson is, but I"m sure one will be taking a trip to the grandparents on the route her father took with Uncle Pete trough memory hell, just too see what happens when one is made to face parts of the past and squirm in a car seat.

So as I said, I chose not to go to the game tonight. I speak a lot of the ESC, and I thought I would get into it a little bit more. the group overall is like any group of large people. It is one group, but breaks down into several smaller groups of people, like any social group does. You have the group of people who feel they are "above" the rest and are "too cool for the room" and wouldn't deal with the others in the club if they were anywhere else. Then you have the younger ones who show up and act like it's a fraternity. They get drunk, do some stupid shit, sometimes pass out in a parking lot and just act like a bunch of retarded chimps tripping on 'shrooms. Within this group, and outside it as well, there are the group that takes all this way too seriously and act like movies like "Green Street Hooligans" and "The Football Factory" are real, and want the experience like that.

I have to break form my rant here to say one thing that has been on my mind for a long time. If you are an American and speak, write/type, or act like you're form "Jolly ol' England", you are a FUCKING DOUCHEBAG!!! You look retarded and sound twice as much. The English dont' do an "American" accent outside of acting as a way to be different, they do it as the equivilant of us doing a retarded person's voice. Why put the Limeys on a pedistal, there's a reason the people here decided to kick those bastards out a couple hundred years ago. You speaking on "English" terms to sound proper makes you look like you think this country is second rate. We are in America, Speak in American terms!!! We play on a field, we tie games, we wear uniforms and soccer cleats, We are fans who support a team. It's not that hard to do.

Ok back to the ESC. Along with the groups mentioned above, there are the "comic book guy"-types who follow the sport much like the assholes I went off on a tangent just before, but are also geeky in the "Trekkie", "Star Wars" way. There are also the suburban guys who have that real suburban mentality-ignorant of how the world really work, sometimes a tad racist, and just have such a weird vibe. I fall into none of these groups. I am just me, and I am slowing finding more and more of my kind. I should make more of an effort to hang out more with this group of people. The best way I could describe these people are the ones who are who they are, know their shit stinks like everyone else's, and aren't better than others. Yep,the ESC is just like any group with a "high school cafeteria" mentality.

OK I wanted to reach 1000 words for my posts now, and I wanted to also pimp this band I heard. THe band's name is "I Come To Shanghai". The band is two people and I heard their work on a podcast. Their site is here,and you can download their music. You can be a cheap-ass jackoff and just take it for free, or be a good person and donate some cash to them, since people should be paid for their work. Some good tunes, nothing insanely great work, but decent.

FInally, I might not make it to 1000 words, but I'll get as close as I can with this final part. Here is a link to an article I read today that I thought was fantastic. It bashes Beckham, and is one of those real good "shoot" article. That is what this world needs more people "shooting" on life. It's something that keeps people honest. The definition of "shooting" is really from the term "shooting from the hip," which is defined as: 'to act or speak without due consideration or deliberation.'  Granted all shoots have a little bit of a work in them, but it's something this society lacks-honesty and just putting others in their place to let them know they are not any better than anyone else-we are all shit in this sewer of the world, nothing more nothing less.  So stop acting people are better because they have some title.  The only reason people have titles is to separate who will be the ones to suffer and stand through the shitstorm first, and possibly get shot fist so the others can get away and be safe.

Wow, made it over 1000 words!! Who's the man!!!