by Peter Marus

OK I spent the past hour writing a long entry, hit the wrong button and the WHOLE THING WAS DELETED!!!  So for the first part I'm too lazy write again, but Ill summerize for you:


-Friend is happy to have closure with his ex getting marrying to someone else.  

-I personally thought this guy was carrying a torch for this person and it was sort of sad

-I do thnk of my ex sometimes, but as good the memories are, they turn into blind rage shortly after I realize what scumbag thing this person did

-what happened almost costed me relationships with those close to me while I defended this person.  but it helped re-align my priorities as far as who I give a shit about.  

-This mood happened yesterday, started with missing my dad, and moved to other memories that put me in a really bad mood.  

-last part of this phase of the entry was I am realizing I am out of a lot of loops I thought I was in, and that is probably my fault as much as anything.


OK, after that rant.  I wanted to say hi to some people that read this.  Not totally sure if they all made it here during the transition though.  I just wanted to say hi and give a shout out to the following: Gameboy, his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Smurph, Binks, Infected, Flip, Menace, Fatcat, Dum Dum, Monkey, JZ, Letty, Cassi, Various family members who read this either out of pride or shame, Those from the Stanner class of '96 and/or the Penn State class of 2000, Whoever ESC member-past or current members-who read this, And just whoever is dumb enough to come here via my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  


To anyone who is a hangers on, who are either someone who is no longer around either by their choice or mine who still pine for me, or a friend of someone like that-fuck you.  Just wanted to say that, but you pathetic bunch will STILL come here which makes you even dumber than I give you credit for.


Now I'm going to try the tag thing, see how that works.


Finally, here's a pic of me and a beautiful baby.  She's my Goddaughter (well, she will be when she is baptized).  This is the first pic of me in a while I think I look good in, but I think the kid helps.  Also I think this is the first pic where she isn't screaming while I was holding her, and actually smiling.  Anyway thanks to my cousin and his wife for maknig a good looking kid: