by Peter Marus

The other night I was flipping through the many movie channels I have on my satellite TV, and i came upon a real classic film.  The film is called "The Pope of Greenwich Village."  Goddamn is that an awesome movie!!! It stars Mickey Rourke who really is amazing in the lead role  Also in this film is Eric Roberts, who I think is an awesome actor that should get another shot like Rourke got.  It's a shame he can't get a great role to get his name out there.  I won't talk about the film at all, since I can't do it justice, so look it up and check it out.

Speaking of Eric Roberts, I was thinkng of another movie he was in.  He was in the Stallone movie "the Specialist".  Overall the movie sucked, but Roberts and James Woods carried the film, also Sharon Stone naked in it helps a bit as well-just like her  in "Sliver" alongside (and on top of, below, behind, etc.) one of the Baldwin brothers. As many good movies I see, I watch some real piles of garbage.  

Now, I hope what I saw on TV tonight isn't what I think it was.  I saw a commercial with the actor Jeremy Pivin and i revolved around a car lot.  Now, given Hollywood's desire to piss on comedies and make them modern (while destroying the comedy in them), I truly hope that they are not going to piss on the comedy classic "Used Cars."  Hollywood has killed the movies "Airplane!" and "Caddyshack" by making the "urban comedies" "Soul Plane" and Who's Your Caddy" respectively.  The less I speak of "The Pink Panther" douching, the better.  I dont get why Hollywood has a need to take comedies from the past, change them and mutate them into PC hackfest, and do it with no regret.  Like making certain characters black (to appeal to that audience), or toning down some of the main jokes because it may offend or hurt other people's feelings.  It drives me nuts, and when I suggest the older film to others, they usually prefer the old film.  


Ok running out of steam.  I will stop here.  I will share with you one of the most powerful music videos I've ever seen.  Johnny Cash's version of the Nine inch Nails' song "Hurt":


If you hate Johnny Cash, you're a goddamn Communist.  How can you hate the man?!?!?! That's like hating 311!!!