by Peter Marus

Last night I wrote a long entry on this subject last night, but it got deleted, probably part of the whole Liberal Socialism machine censoring me.


Now those of you who were all happy that Obama and the Democrats defeated the evil (BOOOOOO HISSSSS GAFAWW) Republicans. I am sure you are all proud how this country is rocketing to becoming a socialist state. Bush may or may hve not started this, but Obama and the Democrats is surly pushing this country to a second-rate socialist nation.


First it was the Banks, where billions were pumped into them fist by Bush, but continued by Obama and the Democrat-ran Congress. So now WASPS and Christians are running the banking industry...who would have seen that happening?!?!!? Now since most now deposit their paychecks into the government, they now drive government manufactured cars. The US now runs the auto industry now. Gee, this doesn't sound like socialism does it?? Now they want to get into Health care. The idea is to force everyone to get health care,either through private companies or the government's program. Most will be in the latter, because the businesses will opt for the fines they would have to pay. They would have to pay because under the new rules, All companies are forced to pay for their employee healthcare, or be fined. Most will opt for the fine because ti would be cheaper. SO now all these people will be suckling from the teet of the government, along with the usual parasites.


It's the parasites that you and I fund. I remember when I had to go on some government programs. I felt so ashamed and like a failure that I couldn't handle my own business. there are some assholes out there who thrive on these programs, getting their food stamps and feeding their fat asses and their fat ass children. Oh, and this is all done in their designer clothes and while driving around in their Escalades.


How is this all being funded?? supposedly by taking 0% of all the income from anyone making more than $250k/year. How is this good? This kills any incentive for someone to succeed and live the American dream!!! Why should I succeed if I am going to be shook down for 60% of my money I EARN, and it's given to some shitheads who decided to not do a goddamn thing for themselves. But this is what society wants-no one earning their spot, everyone's a winner, and all that crap to kill any ambition to work for something. Look at the douchebags that come out of college that think they are OWED shit rather than working for their spot. But you people voted for all this, and now want this bullshit sense of entitlement.


the next target for these psychos: the Media. The Democrats want to reinstate the fairness doctrine. what this does is forces radio or TV to make sure everyone gets equal time on a controversial subject. WHen this was in effect,it drove any remotely controversial off the air, and in it's place came fluff shows, self-help shows, and anything but controversial. This is all being done under the guise of localism in media-to get more diversity in local and national media. THIS IS CENSORSHIP PEOPLE!!!! What they want is to get rid of any conservative radio and TV, nothing more nothing less. Why? Because conservative programming point out the issues and force the liberals to have an opinion on something. This is the stupidest idea yet and not needed. it's not needed because:


-90% of the TV and press is Liberal, and Radio is the only place conservatives can be.


-Liberal Radio sucks. Listen to Air America. All that "progressive talk," is really just reactionary talk to what a conservative show says, and the shows are hosted by unfunny, bitter hacks who have no entertainment value.


-The Internet opens a ton more avenues to get your message out. If they were smart they would take that over and make radio irrelevant that way rather than what they are doing now to radio.


What the Liberals are also doing is censoring non-conservative shows, mostly because their feelings were hurt. Their feelings were hurt, they couldn't be mature enough to change the station and respect someone else's opinion, and they had to take out the show. Look at Imus and the Rutgers thing, JV and Elvis and the Asian thing, Opie and Anthony with the Homeless Charlie thing, and countless other minor things that the liberals used terroristic tactics to get these shows either fired or almost fired, They went to the advertisers of managers of the station, and threatened to go to the advertisers to boycott the station. Instead of seeing through this smokescreen, the spineless managers fold and bend to the will of these terrorist savages. They call it "the will of the people" and "the voice of the people", but it's economic terrorism and IT'S FUCKING CENSORSHIP!!!


But you people wanted this, and you got it. Don't bitch when this government impedes on YOUR rights, you know for the "will of the people." Don't worry, soon enough you'll be going to work in your government made car, going to a job where you are not rewarded for success, but you have to work twice as hard because that jerkoff next to you chooses not to, but you make the exact same as him. Also every pay period you give most of your money you worked for to the government to help prop up the poor and parasites in society who think it's owed to them. Then when you go home to your government subsidized house, enjoy the government ran radio and television and the safe, bland, propaganda they force feed you.


You wanted this people, you voted your Messiah in. Don't get me wrong I believe there has to be some regulation by the government, but only in the sense of setting the boundaries and letting the free market work itself up. Having no government control is dangerous, and having total control is also dangerous. there has to be some.


But hey, you people wanted this, right?