by Peter Marus

Welcome to the new site!!! This is where I will be putting entries form now on.  I spend my Friday off playing around with, and this is the result.  It's been a fun thing to play with.  I was able to move all my old entries onto this site with no problem, and configuring everything here so far has been an interesting experiment.  


First I wanted to say that the old site was pretty cool, and was a good stepping stone.  This site is almost an extension of it, and somewhere I wanted to call "home" on the Internet.  I wanted a site for me, to do whatever I want-maybe I'll host a bunch of pictures that I take of a trip, maybe it will be some video that is extremely funny that I crated, or it could be just this blog thing.


Ok, so you all may have seen the site here and said; "Geez this thing sucks."  Well, it's still a work in progress, and will always be.  It's like everything in life, nothing is constant.  What I have created here is just the start.  I will at some point move things around, make changes, do what I feel I should.   Speaking of pics, there are none of me here other than the Facebook thing.  That's on purpose-there are no good pics of me.  Maybe if I find a couple I'll add them.


Anyway, I finally did it, I have my own site, let us all rejoice.  Feedback would be nice, but not required.  Not only is there the comments option on the blogs, there's the guestbook page-cause my inner 16-year old chick wanted it.