by Peter Marus

I hope everyone had a nice and safe 4th of July weekend.  Mine wasn't really a major event. Sure I got this site up and running, cooked a ton Friday and Saturday night, and got some needed rest, but for the most part this weekend wasn't a lot of partying or real celebrating this weekend.


I felt like a real man this weekend when I got the charcoal grill out and cooked.  Friday I did some steaks up which came out fantastic.  Saturday night I did chicken on the grill for the first time.  I cooked some chicken breast, and put some BBQ sauce on them for flavor.  I cooked them and they came out fantastic.  I did one that ended up burnt, which I ate, but the other breasts came out good.  


After that fine dinner, I sat and watched some soccer.  I was flipping between the CONCACAF Gold Cup game featuring the US against Grenada , and the Red Bull-Dallas game.  Shortly after the games started, I decided to stay with the US game.  I stayed with the US game because, once again, the Red Bulls had no offense to make up their mental mishaps and lost the game 2-1.   The US, on the other hand, looked good with their B-team and won easily.  OK, so they played a team that is weak in the region, but seeing that the US team on the field had little international experience, they looked impressive.


Sunday was probably the biggest day for me.  I spent the day driving around various parts of the city.  I went to Rye to a pool and hung out and swam for a few hours, and afterwards Went to City Island for lunch.  The Pool is part of Playland up there, and is a good cheap time to do.  I am feeling the result of the fun time now (more on that later).  Check it out and take a trip one day.  City Island is an interesting place.  If I just showed you pics of the area, you wouldn't think it's part of the City, let alone the Bronx.  Driving around the main road there, it looks like Lake George, with the quaint shops and restaurants.  The houses off the main strip look like the small bungalows that would be rented out for weekends.  Still for a small trip, it's a nice and different place to visit.  


Now, after returning home, I decide to take a shower, and I took my shirt off and saw the damage.  As much as a sunblock says that it's waterproof, DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! My head, face, neck, back, and shoulders are burnt.  I'm burnt so bad I may have to postpone some work I planned on getting done.  Tonight I've been going through all my cabinets looking for whatever skin cream or medicated lotion to try to stop the pain and try to get the healing starting as quickly as possible.  As much pain I am in, I am glad that I got out and have been smiling about the time out.


lession of the day: no more pools, and don't trust sunblock's claims