by Peter Marus

I am realizing that yesterday was a waste of time. Me doing a favor and going out yesterday because next weekend wasn't good to do it, has fucked up the next two weeks for me. It's not making me happy. Seriously, at this point I really am cutting down on doing favors for others, unless I know I will get something out of it other than a burn that screws up my plans, and now the feeling of my time was wasted. then again learned this form work as well, where I did a lot of favors to make sure things ran right in my department, and GOD FORBID I take a day off, and all my favors are not returned-well returned my whoever was answering my messages by "He'll be in tomorrow, so call back then." THis sunburn has me in a bad mood, and also I learned that the "friend" book is closed as far as I am concerned, and no one for the time being will be "made."

Ok, anyone realize that I am now at the same level as Al Sharpton, though I consider myeslf a better, more legitimate reverend. I am really sick of him, and that hack Jamie Foxx for that matter, saying how Michael Jackson is "ours", and how he is the icon for the black community. Funny, a guy who bleaches his skin, destroys his face to look White, and does no work for the Black community is an icon for the community. I will give Michael this, he did show his Blackness one way-he did marry a fat, blonde haired, piece of white trash!!!

It bother's me seeing Sharpton fan the flames of hatred and racism in all his speeches, especially trying to capitalizing on the Jacksons. He said that the media is focusing too much on the negatives and not the greatness of Jackson. Well here are some facts:

1. Jackson hasn't had a hit in at least 12 years

2. Only time you heard of Jackson is when he was doing something odd, or his facination with little children.

3. For every story or rumor of him making new music, at least 15 stories were there of his perversions, odd behavior, or something about his face falling off.

4. The rumors of drug abuse was around for years, only his death confirms it

Yeah, lot of legacy there to keep positive. Sharpton also said that Elvis or Sinatra were treated differently because they were white. Actually, they were treated no different, but with the parasites and scumbag paparazzi and internet creeps like TMZ to stalk and almost illegally obtain all this info. Not to mention how stupid and gullible the average person has become to eat up all this bullshit the media feeds them, it's just more accessible (a lot of the Elvis and Sinatra stuff were there, just not publicized nearly as much). Plus there is this minor thing...ELVIS AND SINATRA WERE NOT ACCUSED OF TOUCHING KIDS!!!

I care about Jackson's funeral as much as they cared about my father's. Anyone that will give the public event that those scum AEG is trying to profit from, as well as Sharpton and the Jackson family, do me this one favor...kill yourself. I seriously don't think you deserve to live in this world.

By the way, if you noticed, I didn't curb the content in this entry. I refuse to change it just because this has my name on it. Unlike most of you rubes, I am not falling for this scare tactic that people n the know are looking for things to hurt me. Like I said, if my bosses find this and disapprove what I say here, and hold that more than the quality work I do for the company, then fire me-I don't want to work for people who don't get it and are just ignorant to the big picture in this world.

Finally, a video that best shows my walk through Grand Central changing trains: