by Peter Marus

First off, I am pumped for this weekend,  UFC 100 this weekend and I'll have some people over to watch it.  Here are my pics for the major fights:

Lesnar in the second via TKO

St. Pierre via decision, though I want that French-Canadian jackass to lose

Bisping in the third via KO


Yeah I can't wait for Saturday night. Friday night I am going to get a new tattoo which will be my last for a while.  Going to be an interesting night.  I"ll put pics of it and a bunch of other things in the next week or so

Now for my main reason for this entry is to preach, as I am a Instrument of God now.  Also I believe that those who can't teach.  So tonight I will show you how I feel about relationships and what I do to handle them.  ALthough it doesn't work for me, the law of averages say that it will work fantastic for some of you out there.

First off, people have choice in life, not just in any relationships.  I go into any type of a relationship by choice, as I think the other person does as well.  They have the right to choose to leave said relationship as much as I have the right.  Now, With the choice comes the consequences of one's choice.  If you stay and are unhappy, that's your problem and nothing else, just as if they leave and regret leaving.  

Once you leave the relationship, that's it. I don't care how sorry one is about the wrongs they did, I refuse to take anyone back anymore.  If someone is capable to hurt or screw me over, what's to stop them from doing that again.  

When it comes to me there is a pecking order: family, close friends, person in relationship.  I refuse to put anyone above those I care about.  I did that once, and i learned to never put an outsider above your family.  think of it this way: when the chips are down, who is really going to be there for you?  I hope and expect others to do the same, but make time for me as well like I would.  If they think a job is more important, that's their choice and then that's all that would have since I am going to be gone

I noticed women seem to not understand that there are times where it's one or the other, and that they can't get some of something they want.  See when it's over, it's just over and done for me.  Being friends is not a real option.  First it means she gets something she wants and I don't, and second I have a right to not accept just a friendship.  My friend card is full.  See people, you are allowed to say not to something or someone and you are don't have to be forced to accept something that you can't.

I have my own thoughts and opinions. Accept that and respect that. I won't filter myself and change myself just to gain the approval of someone.  Nor will I do anything I don't want to "just because."  If I am asked to do something and I feel like doing it, I will.  If I am asked to do something and I am not into it, I will say that.  Anyone who doesn't' accept that, go away.

I"m really a lover, not a fighter.  I hate to fight, mostly because when I am in an argument/fight, I have a habit of crossing lines if agitated, and my idea of winning a fight is to crush the other person.  I hate it when people pick on me in public just to get a rise out of me in a mean-spirited manner.  I especially hate it when people (usually women) want to argue out in the open-thinking the crowd and witnesses will help them like De La Hoya used to think fighting in LA helped him in fights.  I've had this situation come up, and I just simply left.  If someone's going to get bent out of shape and start shit out in the open, it's their problem and I want nothing to do with it.  Believe me when I say this; I am not above leaving people stranded when they start something with me and refuse to wait until later to resolve it like logical human beings.  I've left people in parking lots, restaurants, even parks and it was their problem to find their way home.

(BTW, I know I said "logical human beings"referring to women, but my hope is to find one like that, rather than the sociopaths that I usually run into.)

Look, we all have issues.  It's human nature. A big thing is to not let those issues control you.  I have whatever issues I deal with under control, I expect others to do the same.  talking about them once in a while is cool, but not have their entire lives rotate around them.  It's cool to have them, just deal with them.

Ok this has been disorganized, but this is just a straight from the hip shoot.  I don't feel guilty feeling this way, I don't expect to change for anyone-the only people worthy of you changing your life around is your child or dying parents.  Hope some can learn from this and live a better life.  I can care less if anyone hates what I said, that's your problem not mine.  

And now I am done with my sermon.  Go forth and live the life of the righteous as I do everyday.