by Peter Marus

The past couple days have been a bit rough, hence why I haven’t spewed any non-sensical ramblings here the past several days. I won’t get into details, but I lost a family member Friday. As much as it hurts and as sad as it is, it’s somewhat of a peaceful feeling knowing she is in a better place and doesn’t have to deal with Parkinson’s anymore. Considering she had it for 19 years, it’s a blessing she lived as long as she did. So the past couple of days I have gone to the wake times, and as nice as it is to see most of my family, it’s sort of sad that situations like these are when I see most of them. I’ve been thinking of trying more to talk to these people. Anyway, The funeral is Tuesday, and tomorrow is the final wake session.

Parkinson’s disease in a horrible thing to witness. Seeing it slowly destroy someone is really heartbreaking. My family did come up with a cool thing where in lieu of flowers, they wanted people to donate to the National Parkinson Foundation. If you want to read about this disease, go to

I really don’t want to get into how much this relative meant to me now, maybe in a couple weeks or so I will.

Other than that, I guess I could try to lighten things up after coming so heavy. I did get my 360 and I regret ever getting rid of it. So far it’s been a cool time, and I” looking for online games with people. My gamertag is on the side, and so far I’m playing Madden 10, Fight Night Round 4, and soon to be getting into Battlefield 1943. So look me up, be friends on Xbox live, and let’s rock.

Even though I haven’t written on this site, I have visited out of curiosity to see who is visiting. I’ve noticed IP addresses from Microsoft, Amazon, various parts of California, and the usual ones form the NYC area and Jersey. I even saw a few form Washington DC. I”m thinking maybe someone from the Government is looking at my opinion on the Obama administration. For all I know someone ratted me out to them, since they want to collect info on those who they are against them to censor them. They set up a site for people to send the administration who is writing anti-Obama things, so they can “fact check” them. Face it, they want to censor those who are right about how things are, and they can’t stand people can see through their bullshit.

BTW got $635 for my PS3 and stuff on Ebay. It was a lot more than what Gamestop probably would have given me, then they probably would try to sell it to some rube as brand new given that’s the norm at their establishment. Remember, every used game you buy takes money out of a developer’s wallet. Unlike music artists, Game developers have no other avenues to generate income. Developers don’t have Concerts and merch. Music artists make all their money off of everything but the CD sales, it’s the other way around with game developers. Gamestop profits off this by overcharging for a used game and all profits go to them, and not one cent to developers. In fact, they are starting to devote more store space to used games, so they they order less new products (that they would have to share the profits off of) and try to pimp the used games which they make all the profit off of. As far as me selling my games and blu-rays, I am not making a profit-I”m losing money. Look at what ll I sold is worth new, and the money I got, and you can see I made no money.

Anyway I'm all over the place so I’ll stop there.