by Peter Marus

First off, I not only look good in real life, but in teh virtual world as well.  Here's my Avatar on Xbox 360, and if some out there wanna shoot the shit and/or play some games on the net, add me as a friend (I dont' have many online). 


OK, I looked at the calander, and I just noticed my birthday is coming up.  Right now, all I want for my birthday is that it doesn't end in some sort of heart-breaking or soul-crushing event, which has happened in the past.  I especially it rather not end like last years did where I almost died when I flipped a scooter. 

Finally I decided to take a vacation this year, and I'm hoping in the middle of October.  Why? because a US World Cup Qualifier is around that time.  I also plan on getting my eyes checked out, look into getting a new suit, and also work on the passport thing. 

I was going to go into a long, deep story about some things on my mind right now, but I"m too tired.  I"ll keep it for another time.  That's called a tease, people


Oh and hell will freeeze over soon, since RBNY won today...