by Peter Marus

Was a tad scatterbrained today.  No real complaints today overall.  Sorry to dissappoint.  I had my self esteem boosted when I received an email invite from my cousin that invited me to my birthday get together this weekend  I thought it was a cool thing for him to invite me.  He's a great guy for doing that.

One funny thing during lunchtime happened.  I was at me desk looking for osmething, and I the scent of tuna, vinegar, and onions was in the air.  The person in the cubicle next to me had a huge Subway sandwich.  The whole essence in teh air did make me miss my ex, but not so much since ther ewas no cheese scent as well.  Some may have just gone "eww", but most guys who read that have been there at some point.  In fact, guys being there was the problem since she had a guy "there" behind my back.  But hey, it was my fault anyway according to some. 

Moving on from that.  I am loving my 360.  I just signed up again for Netflix since I can stream movies and shows via my360, and if some friends are online and subscribe as well, there can be group watchings of movies with voice chat.  The other thing I"m loving and spending a lot of cash on is the Xbox Arcade games.  This is all downloadable games that store on the hard drive.  Most go between $8-$20, and are well worth it.  So far the games I picked up and are playing other than Madden and Fight Night are:

Geometry Wars 2-which drives the house nuts when I crank up the techno music used in the game.  Only thing missing is the Ecstacy and I'd be having a party!

Battlefield 1943-a cool multiplayer game that is just fun to blow off some steam

Trails HD-a puzzle game where you menuver a dirtbike through various stages that make you use physics and puzzle-solving skills to complete.  Highly addictive, frustrating, but rewarding

Shadow Complex-a 2d/3d old-school platform game in the same veign as Metroid.  This has been an impressive game that looks like a full game you'd find on DVD but is small enough to download.

Braid-it's like super mario brothers, but more of solving puzzles to advance.  A real thinking-man's game that can be a turn off for some.