by Peter Marus

Going through a bunch of Twitter messages, where most are "such-and-such is following you."  About 99% of these are spammers, who see my posts on the public timeline and add me because a word or phraise matched their searches.  This also happened on Myspace when I was on there, but almost never on Facebook-which is why I got rid of Myspace.  Rule for you social media people.  If a beautiful woman contacts you out of the blue, ITS A SPAM/PORN SCUMBAG!!!!  I know it's wrong to assume a pretty woman contacting me out of the blue is a whore, but I don't attract hot chicks.  Also, as someone told me succinctly, I trust women as long as their cocks are.  Yeah, my self-esteem is a tad on the low side, but i get suspicious when even a mildly attractive woman contacts me. 

Speaking of Twitter, someone I followed up to tonight, mostly because I was tired of her being a whiny little bitch, tried to defend the Illegal activity Gamestop practices.  In her defense, she is a woman from Northern California in college-that should tell you all about her and how she is.  the reason I was following her tweets was because she's a "writer" for a Ipod/Iphone internet magazine.  I put writer in on quotes because her work looks eerily like the same "style" and "voice" as the Editor-in-chief.  Anyway what she was defending was the fact Gamestop sell open box items as brand new for full price.  Even thought they have sealed games, they sell games off the wall.  You ask for the game, they take the empty box, stuff it with the game and paperwork into the box, then seal it into shrink wrap and charge you full price as if it's a brand new game.  THIS IS ILLEGAL!!!  They are selling you an open box item, and they are required to sell it at a cheaper price.  I don't know how they get around the rule, but they do.  I also have issues with when you trade in a game (which I refuse to do-they resell the game and won't give the publishers/developers a cut on the sale).  This is why I am for digital distribution of games-it fucks places like Gamestop over royally.

The other big thing I found out is that Fedor signed with the MMA promotion Strikeforce.  This news depressed me because Strikeforce signed their own death warrant.  The big part of the deal is that Fedor's company,M-1 Global, now co-promotes all his fights.  Frankly, I have no clue how M-1 helps promote anything in MMA.  Pride, Affliction, BODogfights, all "co-promoted" events and all have died.  What happens apparently is that these copanies put up the money for the event, and M-! gets a piece of all action -PPV buys, merch, gate $.  This is the only agreement that happens to get Fedor-who is the best fighter in the world.  This is the one thing that is keeping him out of the UFC. 

Dana White, President of the UFC, said the other day he gave Fedor everything he wanted but he didn't want M-1 as co-promoter.  This is in part when he had an agreement with Pride, the Japanese promotion that UFC bought later on, where there would be talent exchange and cross promotion events.  Pride reneged on a lot of the deals, and screwed the UFC over when they tried to put an event on in Japan.  So Dana swore he wouldn't work with another major promoter again.  Also it doesn't help he learned you don't do business with the Mob.  Pride was allegedly ran by the Japanese Yakuza, and M-1 is allegedly ran by teh Russian Mob.  White also said of M-1's requirement to be co-promoter: "Outside of Fedor and a little more press in Russia, what the fuck does M-1 bring to the table?!?!?"


Finally a ocuple more videos.  First, a group tha tells it like it is:

White People Problems



and another dude with an awesome ring entrance-"King" Mo: