by Peter Marus

So I am officially a “thirtysomething” now.  I had my 31st birthday Saturday. Thank you to all who sent well wished, which is a nice change.  Spent Friday night celebration it with some friends at Studio Square.  Outside of the rain, it was a cool time.  I had my many liters of Spaten beer,  which I am not sure the exact amount it is in ounces, but it was enough.  I learned at this get together that I need to get on getting my passport, and might as well get back into trying to learn Spanish for next year.  I also was told I have an outfit to wear next year in Mexico as well.  I had an idea of what I wanted to wear, and I think it is in the same vibe of the bride’s wishes, but all I know it’ll be classy.  Either way, I will look good, but I always look good.  Yep, all the women want me, they just don’t know yet or are too intimidated by all this man right here .  

Going home I had a pseudo-emotional moment with my cousin on the train.  It was getting somewhat emotional and all that, but the train pulled into the stop and had to get out.  It was the usual drunken, sorta uncomfortable that this truths are coming out situation, which I’m sure many reading this can relate to.

Speaking of readers, from the data I have, most of you are from Jersey, either central or not too far outside the city.  I see I have at least one person reading this in each borough of NYC, even Staten Island-the borough so desperate to be Jersey, but they don’t want to give up the classy NYC area code.  It's like Eastern Queens but instead of wanting to be Jersey, they want to be Nassau County but don’t want the ultra high property taxes.  As fat as exactly where the readers are, its’ not totally accurate-probably the IP address is for a general area.  Some interesting areas I might add.  So hi to all of you who stalk me.   Glad to know I’m still so interesting despite what some of you have said/done to make it seem otherwise.  Thanks for the ego boost.

I need you all to DVR “Bully Beatdown”, It’s an awesome show.  Jason “Mayhem” Miller is one funny dude and a hell of a fighter.  I love the fact he tricks these rubes into a fight for $10,000, then just it just so HAPPENS that the guy the bully fight might be, oh, the #3 Lightweight in the world Eddie Alvarez or a top 5 Welterweight fighter in the world Jake Shields.  It’s just a funny show to watch as these punks get pummeled by top fighters in the world and not break a sweat.  Here’s the sick part-Miller has either fought or is going to fight many of the MA guys that appear on his show.  that’s the beauty of MMA guys-90% of the time they don’t hate each other.  They are only doing their jobs, and after they may go for a beer, or even help each other improve as fighters.  Occasionally you get the bad blood feuds, but it’s somewhat rare.  Actually this just gives me an excuse to put a Miller entrance video up. I can’t get enough of them!!

And to please others who read this, and myself, here's one of "King Mo" Mohammed Lawal's enterances:

Finally, I found a site that shows how fucking creepy the middle of this country is (or as many call it, “Real America”-that’s not the glossy NYC or LA “America”).  I lived amongst this fine part of the population.  Of course this site is about the Cathedral of “real America” Wallmart.  So look, enjoy, laugh, and remember that if you live between LA and NYC, you’re hayseed.  BTW my fave pic on the site is the bald dude in the Wu-Tang shirt

Again Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday, those who hung out with me this weekend, and just thanks for giving a shit about me.