by Peter Marus

I’m not sure if any of you have seen this in the news, but a woman in a car with her children went down the Taconic Parkway in the NYC area in the wrong direction and got into a head-on collision with another car, and everyone but one child died. At first it was a sad story, but that all ended today for me when I found out this piece of garbage was drinking Vodka and smoking pot before and while she was driving.

This selfish animal, decided to get hammered and high before she took HER KIDS into a car, drove down a highway in the wrong direction, only to plow into another car, taking out herself and almost everyone else. Hopefully she had a slow death, since a bitch like that deserves it. If you are going to put your own children into that position, you deserve a slow, painful death. Why should I feel bad for her that she died? I feel a little bad for everyone else dying. but I feel nothing for this chick.

Before you pull that bleeding-heart crap of she may have had addiction problems and all that psycho-babble bullshit, understand 99% of all of those problems are a result of one’s choices. Since it is the result of one's choices, they should learn to live and accept said choice. If you are a parent and decide to get high and drunk around your kids, if they get hurt or die, that’s your fault. You showed you’re a negligent parent. If you kids do get hurt and they get taken away from you, it should be made that you don’t get them back.

I’m sick of the whole “I made a mistake, I get a do-over” mentality. When a parent fails to provide or take care of their children, they are showing that nature is saying that these people shouldn’t have bred, but by some mistake they did and now have a child. The kid should be taken away from the fuck-ups and given to parents fit to be parents. There are some who want kids but can’t due to some medical reason. These good people could do the job because they WANT the job. Now there are some unfit parents who can’t have kids, but up until science screwed it up, the reason they couldn’t have kids was a way for nature to filter out the genetic disasters. I know people on both sides of the fence.

I have a relative who for one reason or another couldn’t have a second child, so they adopted a child from a couple who knew they couldn’t handle having the child given their situation. Now my relatives have a beautiful son. The couple who gave up the child did the really responsible thing: they didn’t want to abort the kid, and rather have the kid in a situation where they couldn't handle it, they gave the kid to people who could-and gave the kid the best chance of living they could.

Shitty parenting and hearing about kids getting harmed because of adults who can’t sack up and be adults just pisses me off. I still say that if you have a child, that’s the only time it’s cool to change your entire life around to accommodate it. Hell it should be expected and required. I know it’s a hack line, but if you are adult enough to make a kid, you should be adult enough raise the child.