by Peter Marus

Friday night I went to a wonderful place. Studio Square in Long Island City is a beer garden that opened up this year, I am used to the beer garden in Astoria, but this place is just as good if not better. It’s got several bars, and I think several levels (Not sure, never really walked around the whole complex). The beer selection is pretty good, and the prices are ok. the sizes went 1/2 Liter, full Liter, and pitcher, and I paid $13 for a liter of beer. The food there is also good,which helped absorb some of the alcohol I had. The gave me a huge ass burger and fries for about $10, but the portions were huge. I was hanging out there with my cousin and some friends, when I ran into some dudes from my old high school. That was a nice surprise and I should hang out with them another time. Lots of hot chicks there as well. The view was nice, but given my track record with the ladies has been as good as the record of Red Bull New York, I chose It would have been wise to just look and not walk into the buzzsaw that night. Yeah, I’m a bitter old man who’s confidence is sorta shot.

I did learn that night I should jump on the whole passport thing, since I am being “requested” to go to the tropics next year. So this time next year I may be a Youtube star, where I’ll be blindfolded, holding up a newspaper on camera with some revolutionaries around me saying how the oppressive government here is wrong and that I am being treated well, and begging the US pull all interests out of their nation.

I did make my cousin so happy this weekend. I wrote a long time ago that a love came back into my life and I couldn’t be happier. Well my cousin did say it was the wrong choice and we did have a word or two. Now this love is skanky and failed to live up to all the promises I was told. Now my cousin is happy and making sure my nose is rubbed in the proverbial shit, and I deserve it. So yeah, I’m getting rid of my Playstation 3 and going back to an Xbox 360. I’m planning on getting rid of it and get some money. I am hoping that the money I get for my PS3 and games/blu-rays will pay for the 360, internet adaptor and a couple games. Not sure what games I want yet, but open to suggestions.

Did I fool you with the first part of the paragraph? Yeah that has a ring to other things in my past, where I reunited with a past love, was promised the moon, only to have my hopes disappointed and relationships strained. There is a big difference, I am not wishing a slow and painful disease on the Playstation that is affecting a relative and one disease that has taken another. Yeah, I went there. Yeah, I have a little bitterness there still but given what the situation did almost cost me as far as people in my life due to me being the fucking mark in the scam, I have a right to be I feel. Hell the one person I consider a brother and I weren’t talking for a month and a half over this person.

Ok, once again I won’t get into that anymore. Again, one entry I may go batshit and get really into it, but not really into doing that now.

BTW, UFC 101 was pretty good overall, some bullshit calls by the judges and refs, but overall those who I wanted to win did. I still think Anderson SIlva could take out Fedor if they fought. Won’t happen since Fedor and M-1 are busy sucking the life out of other MMA feds. Strikeforce keeps saying that M-1 only will co-promote the Fedor fights, not their other events, but I think that’s the same thing Pride, Affliction, and Bodogfights also said.

One dilemma I have is that the next UFC event is on my birthday. Now I’m not sure if I should go out or stay in and order that. Life’s got some tough choices.