by Peter Marus

Today I got to experience the Direct TV "Sunday NFL Ticket" package.  They had it free this weekend, and I was so impressed that I added it to my subscription.  It's an awesome thing to sit here watching various games at once, and I can watch my fantasy team players play, and it gets me out of watching the Jets, which normally here in NYC it's the Jets game or the Giants game.  Also since the Steelers are my #2 team, I get to watch all their games as well.  The Steelers are my #2 team since living in "real America", that's all they had in central Pennsylvania.  Funny fact about Penn State-majority of the students are actually from either Philly area or Long Island.    I was pissed since the main reason I went to PSU was because I wanted to get AWAY form douchebags like  those in NY or Philly, but I had them all around me.

Note about my Fantasy team.  I am losing my first week, but that's mostly because the other guy had Philly's defense starting, and the Panthers decided do shit the bed today.  Also one other football related note: Penn State beat Syracuse, but fuck Syracuse for having a 3-9 record last season and knocking down PSU's strength of schedule a notch.  

There was something I wanted to write about the past several days, but I haven't had a chance to.  There is one type of woman that I can't stand.  Yeah, I may come off as a woman-hater, but I'm not one who hates all women.  Some I can't stand.  The one I am talking about is the chicks who know they are chicks and will talk/start shit without the fear of having their ass whooped for doing so.  Some of you may know what I am talking about, and some of you who are reading this are married to this type of gal, which would amaze me since that proves you're not a man or really a masochist.  

These are the type of women who will get into a guys face, and berate them, and talk shit about what they are doing, who they are, and do everything to emasculate him, all knowing that no matter what they say, nothing bad will happen to them.  I'd say 90% of men won't hit her, either because they like the treatment and just weak, or are real men who know you don't lay a hand on a woman.  Once in a while you get the guy who doesn't care and will slap her.  This is where I am conflicted, in that the chick deserved it for stepping out of line like that-thinking they are above the guy and hold the power-but part of me feels the guy is an animal and should get his ass kicked for hitting his chick.  It's a tough call.

If I could set the rule, I would have it where the woman CAN say whatever she wants, but if she advanced to the guy and into his space, that should be considered a threat and the dude has a right to defend himself.  Also if she doesn't get into his space, but continues the verbal assault, the man has the right to giver her two loud verbal warnings as far as she should get herself back in line and talk rationally.  After that, she had her chance to chill out and act rationally so whatever would happen to her is allowed.  These rules are more for public situations, but also would count to private situations as well.  If this altercation is in public, at least one warning should include "we will deal with this later" or something to that effect.  

Bottom line is that women, understand all that equality bullshit you wanted includes the equality of potential ass kicking if you threaten a man.  You can't play the "I'm a girl, can't hit me" card anymore if you want all this equality.  Take the bad with the good, or let everything revert back to the 1950 as far as how men can treat women.  

Men, part of the problem is that you let this happen.  You give your chick a title, and she is taking advantage of it due to the level of security it gives them.  This is why I think the advice I was given seems so right: "treat your wife like a girlfriend, and treat your girlfriend like a whore".  Leave a little insecurity there that everything can fall apart and you can leave at anytime.  Make her feel like she still has to earn the title she wants.  If she is given the title, what does she have to work for then?  That's when she gets cocky and thinks she is entitled to all the benefits she had and more, without any consequence.

Seriously, if men and women could get what I am saying through their skulls, and women stop acting like sociopaths most of the time, this world would be a better place.  Some of you may think I'm bullshitting you and What I am saying is wrong, but if you truly think about it, you'll see I'm right.  Also, I rather be single and happy, than stuck with someone that doesn't respect me and tries to run over me and takes advantage of my generosity.