by Peter Marus

Sad day today, and I'm not talking about the passing of the icon Patrick Swayze.  It's sad seeing how many people proved they are nothing but a bunch of fucking rubes and marks after thinking that glorified hype man Kanye West "incident" WAS REAL!!!!  First off, MTW try to stage at least one "Wild and crazy" event at their shows to get some attention. Remember that Eminem horseshit at one of their other events?  First, they said Kanye West was said to be drinking outside of the event.  Now, the NYPD woudl have shut his dumbass down for that.   As well as the owners of CBS, who shat their pants when someone made an Asian joke in an Asian imitation, would have not let him in for drinking outside the venue.  Not only that, how did he get on the stage without any resistance.  Also shows how much the "rockers" are in music today are just pussies.  Why didn't anyone jump up tackle him down, and drag his punkass off the stage.  And if you notice how everything worked out in the end, where the hayseed got her moment after the black chick who was mentioned was better than her stepped aside.  IT'S A FUCKING WORK, PEOPLE!!! YOU DUMB MARKS!!!

It's stupid shit like this that infuriates me about media.  They try to be as safe, but they also try to be "safe." So they choreograph all this "wild", "edgy" bullshit because people are dumb now and won't see through it.  What really frightens me is that all this trains the younger people to be this gullible where they can be told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it with out any question or resistance.  Parents who allow this or even participate in the stupidification are being negligent parents.  If you are a parent and allow their kids to just take things as face value and not look deeper into how things really are, kill yourself and let someone else a shot at doing the job right.

Now to a lighter subject.  I've been looking at the IP addresses who visit this site, and I"ve noticed some interesting things.  I noticed people in Colorado have looked at the site, though that's partly me since I gave the link to some family members out that way.  I also noticed the corporate IP addresses coming up.  I have an idea who is looking there, and I noticed some companies looking particularly at my resume.  Along with these hits, the Government have been looking at my site, so either I'm on some sort of list, or Obama wants to know how to really run this country from a real man.Who the hell is looking at my stuff from Central Jersey? I know a couple pople I'm sure, and some of the town names coming up, I never heard of (I'm guessing that's where the main computers for the internet providers. Also got some international hits as well.  India, Russia, UK, have looked at this, so what's up.  See people, I get around.

Finally, RIP Swayze, going to go on Netflix and add "Red Dawn", "Road House", and "Point Break", like a real man.  Any red-blooded male who doesn't find any entertainment value in these films, you're either a Communist or Taliban.