by Peter Marus

I"ve been trying to make myself better physically lately, and that ususally involves me doing some pushups, situps and walking on a treadmill until my legs feel sore just before they are at the point where I can't walk up the stairs.  I"ve benn doing this almost everyday, and so far it's making me feel a little better.  One thing I noticed is that the man-boobs are getting a little smaller.  it's a start, and mostly the reason I am doing this is to get my cardiovascular system in better shape.  Given the history in my family with heart issues, anything i can do to improve it puts me ahead of the game.

Also I altered my daily diet a bit:

Breakfast-buttered plain bagel and large coffee

lunch-footlong Subway grilled chicken hero with lettuce, onions, and oil

dinner-whatever is made, but now fried things are pretty much out.  It's either broiled, baked, or grilled

after dinner-coffee, and one or two sugar-free Jello cups.

In between all this is usually water when I have a craving for food.  Maybe in the afternoon I look for some salk-free pretzels.  I'm really trying to clean out sone unhealthy foods, but I can't totally eliminate them-you have to have SOME bad stuff in your life, not base your entire diet on it.

One other change is the types of music I am getting these days.  Every so often, I go on Itunes, use the genius suggested music, and buy some music (usually only about $5 worth).  Lately I've been getting more and more into electronic music.  Maybe it's because I like Nine Inch Nails, the newer Korn, Kmfdm, and artists like that, and electronic/dance music is like one step short of being these types of music.  I do have to get into more modern "rock" bands since most of the bands I grew up are broken up, dead, or just retired.  Sadly I may be at the stage liike most of my older cousins where the music they grew up is all they listen to.  I would like to expand my testes, but most of the music out there is that "staged edgy", oversanitised crap.  I really need help looking for music.