by Peter Marus

Looking through my Itunes collection I noticed some things:

First, German bands really show the modd of their people and country.  Lookat a KMDFM and Rammstein album covers, and you see no joy, only pain and all business.  Listen to their music I have a need to storm into a neighboring company in a fast and efficient manner.  Even their language is harsh and just dark.  Dirty talk from a German chick probably could be classified as sexual assault thanks to their language.  I can only guess they are in that mindset after going 0 for 2 in World Wars, and have good 'ol A to the H leave such a stain on their history, even mentioning him and the Nazis could get you put in jail. 

But on the brighter side of Germany,  here's a video of Fez form the Ron and Fez Show dressed as Hitler storming into Opie and Anthony show to plug a bar night his show is doing.  Look them up to figure out what I'm talking about, but if you dont' knwo who they are that's a shame.  They are funny shows to listen to, and I always say my knowledge of the world and how life has been tought to me has came from my parents, my cousins, and Ron Bennington-a God amungst men.

Also notice how all but one person is horrified by the site of Fez Hitler.  the one man who is enjoying it like a kid seeing his favorite action hero in person is the Italian Catholic who is a "fan of the era".

Next I noticed I was right in saying for the most part, Limp Bizkit's music doesn't hold up.  their first album still kicks ass, most of their second album holds up well, but after that, Fred Durst went Axl Rose and just ruined the band.  In the end it was good because DJ Lethal went back with the House of Pain people and created the group La Coka Nostra (agin look them up, too lazy to explain).

Finally, although my music still falls between rock and rap. I am starting to flush it out.  I'm getting more dance/electric songs into my playlists, and soon whrn I get some money (after paying all these bills I got coming up), I plan on getting more classic rock, electronic, and some guilty pleasure songs.

here's a real news break:


and finally, words to live by: