by Peter Marus

My sports weekend:

Giants won

Pittsburgh and Penn State shit the bed

Red Bulls tied

My fantasy team is looking good to go 2-1 this season

So overall the weekend was a push sports-wise, other than that it was quite enjoyable.

I just finished my application for my passport.  Tomorrow at lunch I am going to get pics taken for my passport.  I also planning Tuesday morning on my day off to get up ass-early to hang outside a post office and get this over with.  I have to make sure I know of a post office to go to.  I have some phone numbers to call to see what's uo as far as if I need an appointment.

Also Tuesday is the big day where I get to go to Red Bull Arena for my seat selection.  Form what I hear it's a cool event, and I plan on bringing my camera to take pics.  It's going to be my first time in the place, and if it loks half as good in person as it does in photos, I may start crying.   I am really excited to go there, it's going ot be the best looking sports venue in this region. 

finally tonight, some sound and videos:


and now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Governor of New York, David Patterson (I almost pissed myself when this was pointed out to me):