by Peter Marus

This is the view of Red Bull Arena from the the section i chose for my season tickets.  In theory and according to my ticket, I will be sitting in row 5 seat 14.  Naturally I will be standing wherever I feel like.

Going to the Arena today was a great experience.  I was on the PATH line and you see the stadium out in the open, and it's an impressive site.  I get to the site, talk to some of the Red Bull people, who were super cool and answered a ton of my questions.  I go into the stadium and get a video about the seat selection.  Right after the video and some paperwork, I get my tour of the seating bowl.  The guy who escprted me took me directly to 101, and we shot the shit about the section, what the plans were for the area around the stadium, and I learned a ton.  The guy gave me the impression that the team really is looking forward to having the ESC all up in there.  It was an enlightening talk I had with the dude.  Right after, I actually get to choose my seat.  I was #507 on the list (the group I think started with #500), and I went right up and picked where I wanted to sit.  then i paid my season tickets, and left.  Later I find Via Twitter that a couple other dudes I know and know of were there, and I feel like an ass for not talking to them.  Maybe we can have a Tweetup, (inser obnoxious douchebag voice), serious would have been cool to meet up with them had I known if they were there the same time as me.  

After my tour, my stance has slightly soften on the owners of the team.  I'm not going to run out and get Red Bull shit, but after seeing the stadium in person, it does seem they do want this team to succeed.  I still question how much they do beyond the "if they win, the brand gets out there.," rather than "Win because we want to be the best in the league and succeed financially doing that." I will give them more of a chance to prove they are really in it to win it rather than in it to cash in somewhere else in their corporation. 

Before I went on my trip (which ain't bad via train-just a pain at WTC that the tunnel connecting PATH to the Subway is gone), I went to the post office to put in my application for my passport.  I got all my stuff, some cash, and it didn't take long to get it all done.  Pain in the ass that I needed some things to be filled out that I thought wasn't required, but working with government forms, I got that it had to done a certain way.  After the $100 to get it done (which is odd, I'm a US Citizen, shouldn't I get a passport for free?), My stuff was mailed.  So in 4-6 weeks, I will be officially a flight risk.  One thing that bothered me was that they took my birth certificate with it and said it will be mailed back to me.  I was told that they need it to SEE it, with the watermark and the seals on it to make sure it's legit.  

So on my day off, I got a lot done.  I feel like I was productive.  Next up in my vacation, where I hope to get an appointment with a eye doctor and see what I have to do about new glasses.  I also have my trip to DC for a US game.  I was thinking of traveling just somewhere for a day or two via train or plane, but this week was expensive and I don't see any real trips happening