by Peter Marus

As I type this I am sitting in my room trying out ESPN360.  So far so good, outside of I am thankful I have Firefox on my Mac to use it.  I figure I would try it out since my internet service offers it.  I"m watching the game between the US and Trinidad and Tobago, and the quality of teh video and audio is good.  I also spent some time last night adding TV shows to my Netflix Instant watch list.  SO slowly I'm getting away form just watching my TV in the living room, and I"m able to do things like blog and stuff while still getting work done.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still probably going to watch TV off the satellite, but it's nice to have teh option.  But This and Hulu, and the other sites out there make it almost easy to live without cable

I keep seeing someone from Microsoft looking at my site.  Not to pathetically shill to them, but I love the 360, but I may love it more with a 120 gig hard drive...or at least a price break on one.  Just sayin'

Speaking of Microsoft, I read an article on their new building for all their Xbox 360 teams, where it's one of those modern "web 2.0" offices, where it's not the traditional office.  It's like a hang, where they have other activites to do other than work, or to help out when they are there late.  I HATE offices like this.  Why? because they are training you to work more hours than you have to, and that devalues your salary.  It's trying to make jobs like the modern version of the coal mining companies-where the worker's life IS the job.  This isn't a healthy way to live, you need your work life, and your home life.  I live the way where I show up, bust my ass at work (which rubs some the wrong way-I"m there to just work, not socialize and that rubs some the wrong way), and as soon as quitting time comes, I'm out of there.  I get no opportunity for OT, nor would I take it.  I work my 8 hours or so, and that's all I'm obligated to do.  these modern workspaces are trying to fool the worker to not only work there, but it's just as easy to work at home on your own time, therefore getting some free hours out of you.  

Another problem with the  modern workspace is a big problem I have-they also try to make it feel it's ok to work on your vacation.  It could be a phone call to ask a quick question while your on vacation, or you're on your computer while at the pool doing work...WHEN YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE RESTING!!!  I told my bosses when I am off, and like it or not I will be taking that time off and I won't be communicating with them in any way during my vacation.

When I took the job, I agreed to work certain hours and agreed to the responsabilites put on me, In return I get compnsated financially, health insurance at a discounted rate, a opportunity to contribute to a 401K fund, and they give me ime off to use as I see fit.  As far as I am concerned, they are obligated to give me this time, and I will take it.  If they try to get me to not take it, "Oh, business is so crazy we need you in to help it", "Hey a bunch of people are sick and we are severely undermanned so we need you in," or whatever bullshit excuse they would try to use to fuck me out of my time off, they are breaching the agreement they made with me and I have a right to walk away, or demand a minimum of double my salary that week-that would have to make it worth my time.  

Always remember-when something is to make your life easier, or convienent, there is probably something you are giving up.  You have to decide if it is worth the sacrifice.  Hen it comes to time to myself outside of work, that is really hard for me to give up.  Money isn't everything, especially with the limited amount of time we have in life.