by Peter Marus

I have been doing the EA sports active program on my wii, and I gotta say, it's really an effective workout program.  I feel better since I've tarted using it, and I feel like I accomplish something positive during my day.  I still look like a mess waist up, and for some reason I seem to be pooping a hell of a lot more-I guess I am loosening things up in there HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Speaking of poop, that's where my plan to use my Droid as my music player went.  I tried to use it like how i used my Ipod, but after experimenting with it, the battery doesn't last all day, and most of my mussy I have won't transfer (apparently, the Android software doesn't recognize  music bought off of Itunes-even DRM-free).  Eh, I failed again at something, but that's how life goes.  In life you will fail at almost everything you try.  The key is to learn and move on from them and keep trying.  Look at a dog trying to jump on the couch.  he may be too small to get up there, but he'll keep trying regardless.  Maybe he'll get some help up, maybe he won't.  Maybe through some sheer will he will make it up there and feel awesome about accomplishing that, but the key this is the dog will keep trying, no matter what or who tries to stop them.  You can learn a lot from watching dogs especially about how to live life.  


finally, here's a video to bring a smile: