"The Lazlow Show", Need a new English Team, things to do in 2010

by Peter Marus

Let me start off with this:




Read what has been going on with this show.  As much as it sucks that Sirius fucked them over and made it so they can't be on their network.  I think it's for the good they go theInternet avenue.


I'm looking for an English team to follow.  I am open to all pro levels of English soccer.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


Finally, since this is the new year, here's a list of things I need to do in the next year:


1. Get in shape-plan on doing that several ways.  first is walk a lot more than I do now.  Second I am getting a Wii again, as well as the balance board and some of the exercise programs o the system.


2. finally learn Spanish-Have to start on this soon, since I will need it in June for my trip to Mexico.  Got some stuff to help out my learning of the language, and I may be able to bribe someone to help me learn.


3. be more social-in that I have to initiate conversations with friends, and stop relying on them to get a hold of me.  Thank God for Texting and emailing, as well as Facebook to make it easier to do this.


4. Tattoo-first get the one on my arm done.  Also I was thinking of getting another one done on me, but haven't found the right thing or reason to do it.  Well, the artist that has done all my work is back in town so I should get in contact with him about this.


5. Learn to accept things done for/to me because I am worth it-what I mean is that I should learn to accept and not feel guilty when someone does something nice for me.  Where this came up was New Years, when I had someone make me an amazing meal, did some amazing things, and this is on top of this person doing some cool things for me and my family for Christmas.  I felt guilty having all these things done, as if I was not worth it.  I was told on new years I have to try to not feel bad for others doing things for me-since I am a person worthy of these things from all the good I do.