Google Voice-should I or shouldn't I?, Wii, Mexico

by Peter Marus

I've had this thing on my mind for a while now.  I was offered an invite to Google voice, and at the time I didn't take it.  I'e been thinking of it since then, and I'm debating about trying it out.  Google Voice is a service where it gives you a phone number you create (within reason), and it is a number where you can have your cell, home, work or whatever number you have forward to the Google number.  It's got some VOIP-ish stuff as well as access to your voicemails via the web, and you can SMS through their site and not through the cell company.  Also one thing I like is that you can say what phone calls can go to your cell, your home, your work, or all of them.  On top of it, you an block numbers you don't want.


here's some videos of the service:




I think these give you the idea about the service.


I was debating getting it for these reasons:

1. I have a permanent number no matter where I live or if I change numbers

2. I have more control over who calls me

3. the voicemail features sound pretty cool

4. I could save some money on voicemail an SMS by getting rid of it on my Verizon account

5. plus it's sounds pretty damn cool


So as I said, I may apply for an invite and try it out.  What do some of you think?


Also I completed my first step on a couple projects.  I got my new Wii today, along with Wii Sports resort.  I forgot how fun the Wii sports games were.  I plan on getting the Wii Fit and EA Sports Active softwares soon so I can see if they are good as people say it is.


My other project is that I booked my flight for Mexico.  I'm going in June with some friends and family.  I am now on the phase where I save up for the hotel and expenses for the trip.  Also I have to do some research on international travel since this is my first time out of the country.